Update Your Promotional Office Supplies Just In Time For Reopening

With offices across the country planning to reopen in the days ahead after remaining closed for the majority of the year, it is a great time to update all those promotional office supplies. Employees  love mugs, pens and notebooks  imprinted with their company’s official logo. It will easily make them feel like part of a team and make them brand loyal.


As your team may head back to office in the days ahead it is time for you to ensure a fresh makeover for your office with custom logo office products. It will also make their return even better. Your employees will be excited to see a set of brand new promotional office gifts waiting for them!

Impress the Clients Returning

With your employees returning to the office, why not show your new office settings and pandemic safety policies in place. It will help the clients feel more at ease as they’re doing business with a reputable company.

Serve your clients and business partners coffee in a branded mug, or give them a branded face mask, PPE kits or hand sanitizer to stay safe or even an antimicrobial pen to write with. Your clients will surely  love this merchandise  just as much as the employees. The big plus is that when they will take it away with them they have a little piece of your business with them. It will remain a long lasting reminder that they should do business with your company, helping you build your clientele.

Basics PPE Travel Kits

Here are some of the budget friendly promotional items that you will find useful

PPE gifts

Your employees need the best when it comes to their personal protection in the post pandemic world. Choose from a wide range of custom reusable face masks, sanitizers, safety goggles , gloves, wet wipes and more. you can even consider customized PPE kits that include all the essential items that your employees may need.

Reusable Cotton Face Masks

Promotional Pens

Branded pens are widely used  not just in offices, but homes or even on the move. Everyone needs pens and people tend to carry one around with them in their bag or pocket. Get your logo, message and artwork imprinted on these pens to remind them about your business. These make excellent employee gifts, mailer items or trade show swag as well.

Wolverine Pens


Promotional portfolio and notebook is another  popular office staple. Not just for taking notes in meetings or for generating ideas in the office, your employees will love it for doodling or scribbling down random thoughts, New Year resolutions and much more.  You can choose from various models like eco inspired notebooks, leatherette finish nook and other trending models.

Printed Eco-Inspired Notebooks with Pen

Flash Drives

Flash drives may be small and nondescript but are incredibly useful for saving and securely transferring  information and documents. Choose from a wide range of models, colors and capacity  to match the diverse needs. Your employees will appreciate the thoughtful gift and they will see your company name and logo every time they use it.

Ring USB 2.0 Flash Drive 4 GB


The office mug is an absolute classic. Customize it with your logo, taglines or motivational quotes to help your team start their day on a positive note. Choose from a wide range of custom tumblers  including ceramic mugs and insulated metal tumblers among others . Having an identical set of mugs for your whole team will not just make an eye pleasing sight but will enhance the professional image as well.

Abaco 16 Oz Travel Tumblers

The list goes on! Branded office gifts are simply the best to welcome back your clients and  employees back to the office. Check out our extensive range  of promotional products today and feel free to contact us for more information.