Home Office Ideas and Desk Decor Tips for a Holiday Makeover

Holidays are here so is the New Year! So for those who have been working from home for quite some time now deserve a few home office ideas and tips for a smart makeover to their home office.

Home is where the heart is and these days home is where the work desk is! Working from home is likely to be part of the new normal world life style. More organizations are coming out in support of extending work from home option for their employees to ensure their safety and minimize the risk of sick leaves in the pandemic world.

Ceramic mug

Setting up an inspiring and creative home office space is a challenge that is something new to most of us. Here are some great tips that will enhance the vibrancy of any home office and how employers can do their little bit in helping their team with their home office makeover!

The layout

Take a fresh look at the office layout. Is it cluttered and messy? Make sure to enhance the positive vibes and energy flow by bringing in some order to the work desks. Employees can allocate space for all those awards and rewards that they might have earned during their tenure. It will motivate them to raise their yardsticks of excellence and stay fully charged up.

A family snapshot and holiday pictures will keep the employees upbeat and happy. Custom photo frames will make a great handout that can be considered by businesses for their remote teams.

Personalized Bamboo Photo Frames

A patch of greenery, a flower arrangement or a potted plant will bring in a refreshing vibe and infuse life to the mechanical work desks. Plants remove up to 87% of toxins in a room every 24 hours. Plants also help lower tension, anxiety, and fatigue  and enhance concentration. So, musical planter  and wireless speaker will make a great custom gift for your employees working away from office.The users can play 10 preset piano songs by touching the plant. Plant seeds and soil are included. The multi-color changing lights that play according to the beat of the music will help the team jive up.

Musical Planter and Wireless Speakers

 Work desk staples

Now that a perfect ambiance is created, the next step would be to keep all the essential work desk items. Consider classic work desk accessories like custom notepads, sticky notes, highlighters  or pens or tech accessories like wireless earbuds, wireless charging pads and a lot more.

Spiral Book With Sticky Notes And Flags

Coffee mugs

There is nothing like a cup of Joe to start the morning for your employees, whether at home or in the office.  Hand out these custom mugs imprinted with your message and artwork for their home office.

Tumblers make an excellent handout for your remote team to stay hydrated and to ensure a steady supply of their favorite beverages all through the working hours. Insulated metal tumblers will keep the liquids hot or hold as desired, which in turn will make it more useful for the employees.’

14 Oz Roller Stainless Steel Vacuum Tumblers

Health and wellness

Hand sanitizers make a great addition to the work desks in the new normal world. Choose from a wide range of models like gel, liquid or spray. Wet wipes is another handy option to consider.

1 Oz Hand Sanitizer

Keep It organized and clean

From microfiber cleaning cloths to keep the computer screen squeaky clean to magnetic clips to keep all those papers  well organized  and pen caddies to keep the writing instruments at easy access, you can choose from a wide range of custom handouts that will help your team to stay organized and  keep the work space clean.

Heavy Duty Microfiber Cloths

Make It Personal

Your home office should ideally reflect your style and personal choices. From scented candles to diffuser with essential oil and fun stress relievers, there are a lot of gift choices that will help your team relieve stress and reduce emotional exhaustion.

Whitner Aromatherapy Wax Candles

Add a Splash of Color

Colors can influence our mood. Applying a fresh cost of soothing colors like yellow or blue will bring about a lot of positive vibes and make the workspace interesting and inviting.

Need more tips? Reach out to our product team to stay on top of the trends or stay tuned for our blog post updates.