Unique Thanksgiving Party Ideas For Your Office

Looking for the best ingredients that make a perfect office Thanksgiving celebration?

Thanksgiving is an exclusive holiday for  expressing thanks and  reach out to people who might have supported you. Here are some tips for inspiration.

A traditional Thanksgiving menu

 Turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie- the list goes on. Thanks giving is a perfect time to offer your employees a full-blown feast, share the positive vibes, show your appreciation and be thankful to each other.

Organize a Team Activity

Organize a fun team activity highlighted with potluck , thanks giving gifts and loads of fun and laughter. It will be refreshing break from the  usual catered lunch. Best of all, it will have a personal touch than the dining gift coupons that you were planning to dole out to your employees!

Have a “Thank You” Wall

Give your employees a brilliant opportunity to bare their heart and express their thanks to their peers. You can set up a white board and encourage employees to write down their thank you message or write Post-It notes thanking specific employees for their contributions to  the office. You can also encourage them to do the same for each other.

Tell Your Brand Story

Tell your own business story by including the mission, social commitment and tasks ahead for you . Make it fun by including some company jokes or corporate holiday snap shots to celebrate your company’s history. It will be a great morale booster for everyone in their journey ahead!

Pie Day

Celebrate pie- the staple of Thanksgiving and everyone’s favorite at its best! Organize a fun poll to choose the most popular pie , buy the top few types of pie and serve with good coffee and fresh cream! Better still, if you have a team that excels in making pies, you can organize a pie tasting event instead  while your employees bring in their favorite pie!

Fun Games

No thanksgiving holiday can be complete without some fun games . From Pumpkin Bowling to recipe contest or caption contest, you can come up with some popular party ideas that everyone will find interesting. The winners get festive prizes like a turkey or homemade pumpkin bread.

Give back to the community

Volunteering and giving back to the community is one of the best Thanksgiving traditions. Organize a canned food drive, fundraise for an organization, or volunteer  for a social cause.  Inspire the participants to share pictures of their good deeds online as well as on office notice board to inspire your customers and other employees who  happen to see it!

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