Make a Head Start With These Holiday Themed Custom Headbands

Holiday is all about joy and cheer. It is also a great occasion to get dressed in style in accessories like head bands.

When fun and fashion is incorporated into promotional products like custom head bands, you can expect an upbeat consumer reaction.

Reports show that over 80% of consumers claim they form an immediate sense of loyalty to the advertiser when they receive an interesting promotional product that will create a friendly association with the audience as well.

Fun to personalize

Spark the interest in your logo and set off a few belly laughs by coming up with some fun quotes, artwork or something more interesting. It will create positive vibes for your holiday promotions. Think of holiday themes like jingle bells for Xmas, spooky headbands for Halloween, and fall colors for Thanks giving! Options are indeed limitless! Full color images and brand imprints  will  get a dramatic display and a fun touch will make your campaign memorable.

Easy to distribute

Light weight and compact, custom head bands will make great mailer items to get your message across far and wide. Think of a funny headline and artwork to make the headbands stand out. For trade shows or conferences, use the logo headband with humor taglines as an icebreaker to get the audience feel closer to your brand.


 Head bands are versatile accessories that can be used in innumerable fashionable ways. No matter whether your audience uses it as wrist bands, head bands, gaiters or more, your message and artwork will stay in plain view of the audience for a long time. Head bands also make excellent team spirit items  for your sports team and employees. Choose head bands in your corporate colors, customize it with your logo and message  to make it complement with your message!

Why humor?

Humor helps consumers to feel relaxed while letting you show off the friendly profile of your brand. Fun quotes will bring consumers closer to your business and build trust. Fun quotes often make your custom products great talking topics among the customers and make your brand stand out in style.

A touch of humor will make your promotional message look less overwhelming. This subtle promotion is what makes the winning card during business events and promotions.   Put on your creative caps to come up with an idea of your own and highlight your sense of humor. It will indeed give a delightful reason for everyone to remember your brand more often.

Have a better idea to use custom head bands as your swag? Share your thoughts with us to join and interesting conversation.