Unique Employee Gifts for Themed Corporate Events

Whether your employees are working online or from office, handing out corporate gifts will go a long way to show that you care. With the Valentine’s Day inching closer, there cant be a better time than this to invest in corporate gifts. It is a great way to keep their morale high, and your team engaged with your brand.

 So, get your motivational quotes ready to go into these creative gifts to make a statement. You can choose custom giveaways  for every  event theme and occasion.

Show your appreciation

Organize a presentation on the achievements of your team and appreciate their contributions.  From custom drinkware to printed T shirts and BBQ sets you can choose from a wide range of giveaways that match the tastes of your team. Winter staples like blankets, beanies or lipbalm are also great choices to consider.  They will indeed be proud to show off these elegant giveaways that celebrate their loyalty and  dedication. Thus your message is likely to reach a wider audience group than just the employees whom you handed these!

Make memories

There are no fixed rules on the best occasions for businesses to handout custom gifts. From holidays to birthdays and employee anniversaries, you can find countless occasions to come up with surprise gifts.

Mailer items

Best things do come in small sizes. So, you don’t need large gifts to impress your team. Even a smaller, easy-to-mail thoughtful gift will make your employees feel special. You will find a lot of interesting options like can coolers, wireless earbuds and phone wallets among others.

These light weight, postage friendly gifts can be easily mailed out to convey your warm feelings towards them during Thanksgiving or support on Valentine’s Day. You ca even include a hand written card with a few words of appreciation.

Tech accessories and office supply items

It is a no brainer why  your employees will love to get these  work desk items. These essential tools will help them succeed and even enhance their work space. In addition it will drive up the team pride of your employees. Ideal during onboarding of new employees or during appreciation events and milestone days, these handouts will ensure a wide angle display for your brand for sure.

Choose from earbuds, powerbanks and wireless speakers among others. You can even include ecofriendly items like wooden pens or wheat tumblers that will highlight your social commitment as well.

Self-care gifts for any time of the year

Inspire your employees to indulge in a self care routine that will definitely help them to feel good and look great even among their pressing schedules. Choose wellness giveaways like sunscreen , lip balm, massagers , eye masks and more. Employee appreciation can be a key in enhancing the retention of employees.  Studies show that employees who are well appreciated will feel loyal towards the organization than those who are not!

Holiday  gifts

Holidays are the season of giving. So, it will make a great time to think of custom gifts for your employees.  From wine glasses to ornaments and more, you will find a lot of gifts ideas that will make your employees proud. Make sure to wrap it in festive packaging to enhance the experience. Goodie  boxes filled with the choicest treats will also make a  great gift idea.

Not just during holidays, but even when  you have a long drawn meeting session ahead, custom food gifts like trail boxes will be a great choice. It will also give your employees the extra shot of  energy  to power them through the meeting session. These mail-ready snack boxes filled with delightful treats will put a smile on anyone’s face.

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