Promotional Ideas to Observe National Heart Month

February is observed as National Heart Month. It is an excellent opportunity for businesses to inspire people to adopt a heart healthy life style while promoting their brand. Established in 1964 by President Lyndon Baines Johnson, Heart Month makes people aware of the ways to prevent heart disease, which is the number one cause of death in the US.  

Businesses can come up with a lot of creative ideas to celebrate National heart month and play their part in promoting this social cause.

Here are some interesting ideas to observe National Heart month for organizations.

Wear red

Encourage employees to wear red on National Wear Red Day, which falls on February 1st. It will definitely create curiosity in the minds of even those who may not be aware of National heart month. Think of red T shirts, bandanas, caps or jackets imprinted with the awareness message along with your business logo.

Highlight the importance of exercise and stress management

Make people aware of the importance of workouts and stress management in reducing heart disease. Organize health runs or walkathons for your clients and employees. Handouts like pedometers, yoga mats and stress balls are indeed great giveaways to drive home this message. The best part is that they are useful at home, in the office, or on the move.

Branded apparels bring the team together

Rally your team together behind this cause by building team identity and celebrating the team pride. Moreover, it will inspire them to be socially committed and leave an impression during health  awareness events and marathons.

CPR tips

Moreover, teach your employees CPR tips. Arrange for the American Red Cross personnel to come to your office, fitness facility, or school for on-site first aid training. In addition, you can display these life saving CPR tips in common areas like break rooms to make an easy reference.

Promote an active life style

Even small changes can indeed make a lot of difference in the quality of lives and on one’s daily activity levels. So, promote walking and yoga breaks at the office to keep your employees moving and active. Useful custom giveaways like pedometers and stretch bands can obviously be considered for the participants. Schools can increase physical activity among students or even set up easy fitness challenges for them. 

Encourage Healthy eating

Encourage your employees to switch to well balanced homely meals to combat excess pounds. Help those battling the weight loss problem by organizing a group where healthy food tips can be shared and learnt. In addition, you can encourage your employees to share healthy meals recipes among them. It will definitely make it easy for everyone to adopt a healthy diet plan without much effort. Moreover, being in a group will obviously encourage them to stick to their plans for a longer time.

Further more, inspire your team to eat their vegetables and food items like beans and  oats that are high in soluble fiber to keep bad cholesterol levels under check. Custom giveaways like fitness bottles imprinted with your logo will make great handouts to encourage healthy living.

Organize a Healthy Heart Day at Office

You can also designate a day in February to focus on ways to maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle. In addition, you can even invite a nutritionist to speak about ways to make better food choices. Also, hand out promotional products to make the event more fun. From lunch boxes or heart-shaped stress relievers and jump ropes, you can also choose from a wide range of handouts that will enhance the heart themed event.

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