Tried And Tested Employee Gift Ideas From Corporate Honchos

The bedrock of any business is a motivated team of employees. Reports suggest that one of the most important reasons for attrition among employees is lack of motivation and not a low salary pack as most people think!

Simple appreciation gifts and gestures of employers will go a long way in making their work force feel special and motivated. It is seen that businesses that employ strategic recognition programs have employees with considerably lower frustration levels than in organizations without recognition programs.

Promotional gifts will make a perfect way to show how much you appreciate your team. Not all gifts make perfect employee gifts. Make sure to choose useful gift items that can be customized with your company logo. Still thinking? We have put together a few corporate gift ideas and recommendations from employers who have deployed these successfully. Take a look and you will surely know how to get started.

Keep the power on
Everyone uses mobile devices for work, play and everything that falls in between, which means that these mobile devices should remain charged up all through. That is where useful devices like powerbanks come into the bigger picture. Mobile phones that conk off when one needs it the most can spoil even a perfect day. These logo power banks will keep the phones up and kicking for a long time and your employees will surely have a reason to feel loyal about your brand. Available in a range of colors, these imprinted gifts will come handy at work, at home or even on the go!Promotional Logo Jupiter Power Banks-2000 mAh

Fitness is fun
Keep your employees in top shape by handing out custom pedometers that will encourage them to make more strides during their jogging sessions. A fitness freak or not, these little logo items will surely drive up their work out routine and zeal alike. Every time they strive to attain perfect fitness, it is impossible for them not to take a look at your brand name imprinted on these.Logo Imprinted Single Function Pedometers

Beat the work place stress with music
Check out these personalized Bluetooth headphones that will hand out the best of both the worlds of music and freedom to move about. These headsets with a long range of over 30 ft will give the flexibility for your employees to run errands or take notes without having to be confined near their music player. These will let your recipients enjoy their music during work outs, yard work, or travel – free from distraction. There is a music control function that allows the user to manage music or answer their phone calls as well. You can dude it up with portable speakers for double impact as your employees will love to have their favorite music on wherever they go!Custom Imprinted Bluetooth Stereo Headsets

A dash of color to the work space
Help your team add some color to their work space with these custom picture frames. Your employees will love to keep the snapshots of their family, friends or pets in these picture frames, boosting their morale and creating positive vibes.4 x 6 Inch Customized Photo Mount Frames

Staying organized is an art
Staying organized may not be a rocket science but most people fail to keep their essential items safe and accessible. Logo items like card sleeves will help the recipients to keep their credit cards or driver’s license safe. Why your recipients need to carry an overstuffed wallet wherever they go when all they need to have is their cell phone and cards. Trendy and compact, these smart sleeves are available in a range of attractive colors too. Stick these into the back of the cell phone and let your employees be sure that they will have their credit cards or business cards with them wherever they go.Custom Printed Silicone Card Sleeves

Be it as incentives or thank you gifts, these logo items will keep your employees happy and well motivated at all times. So, if you have been wracking your brains on how to enhance the morale of your team, these simple gifts will drop enough clues!

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