Healthy Snack Ideas for Your Sports Team on the Move

The sports season is very much upon us. Business owners sponsor sports leagues or plan corporate leagues to stay in tune with the sports mood in the air. However, in most cases, marketers tend to focus only on T shirts, backpacks , fitness bottles and other items leaving out the nutrition needs of the team.


We have a lot of healthy snack ideas that suit the needs of the hectic schedules and travel plans of your team to make sure that they put up a good performance till the last game!

Think beyond the customary sportswear items like T shirts, hats, and towels by considering novel ideas like custom snack gear to extend the team spirit to the snack break hour as well.

Some of the Snacks for the Road

To keep your team healthy and going ensure wholesome food that is tasty and nutritious alike.

Here are some of the snack ideas for the road.

Snacks that you choose for the teams should stand the test of time and weather conditions. Though fruits will be a good choice, most of these don’t travel well. So, include a lot of nuts like pistachios, peanuts, cashews, trail fruit mix , sunflower seeds and other food items like popcorn that will travel best and won’t get spoiled easily. To ensure easy dispensing, these snack items can be served in reusable stadium cups, which are ideal not just for the sidelines but for the team bus as well.6 Inch Custom Printed Large Charles Tube with Trail Mix

Fruit infused water: Fruits might not travel well, but you can still ensure the goodness of fruits to the team by putting them in fruit infusers to ensure a healthy drink for the team on the go. You can choose fruits like raspberries, limes, peaches or blueberries among others. 28 Oz Fruit Infusion Sport Bottles will be good choice to ensure your team some healthy drinks. Fruit infusers will help the team stay hydrated during long trips to games.

Sandwiches with a variety of fillings can be made to suit the different tastes of the team members. These make delightful grubs in between games and some of the dressings that you can choose include tomatoes, leafy greens and avocados among others. The best part, these can be made on the road and stored in handy sandwich containers. If you end up with surplus sandwiches , you can store it in cooler bags that will prevent it from going bad during the trip. Customize these cooler bags with your team mascot and message to make it a team spirit item.Custom Imprinted Sandwich Containers

Energy drinks
Energy drinks can replenish the salts and electrolytes in players that they lose while sweating during the game. Available in various flavors and fortified with vitamins, these tasty drinks will surely be appreciated by your team. For quick access, these drinks can be stored in BPA free fitness bottles that are customized with your brand and message.28 Oz Custom Printed Poly-Clean Plastic Bottles

Ensure optimum performance from your team by providing a healthy snack and meal plan for your team that will travel best. The above snack items are easy to prepare, store, carry and eat on the go without any messy spillage.

The best part is that every time your team gets a spurt of vitality from these healthy food and drink items, the logo imprinted on these will grab the attention of everyone around and your team pride will be put on a display.

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