Trending Halloween Promotional Ideas That Will Leave Your Recipients Spell Bound

Halloween is a holiday is full of surprises alright; but the biggest of all could be the sheer amount of money that an average American will be spending on Halloween gifts every year that ranges from $169 to $183!  Halloween thus offers a brilliant opportunity for businesses to think of some interesting marketing campaigns to pique interest in their customers and bring in new leads through the doors.


From decking up your store or office for Halloween in orange and black colors, planning a trick or treat bags for the customers or handing out some classic custom Halloween gifts  to tug on those memories of long-gone days and attract passers-by into your location are some of the promotional ideas worth considering.

Here are some Halloween marketing ideas you can use to bring some festive Halloween fun to your business while impressing your customers at the same time.

Hosting a Pumpkin Carving Contest: Halloween is all about pumpkin lanterns, pumpkin recipes and more. Encourage customers to flaunt their creative skills by hosting a pumpkin carving contest. Your customers can submit their creations through social media, which will give your promotion a viral effect for sure. You can announce prizes for the winners and help your customers to fine hone their vegetable carving skills.

Suggest Your Products for your customers Halloween Themed Projects

Provide some fun costume idea that feature any of your custom products like glow bracelets or LED cat ears among others, which will inspire the community clubs and sports leagues to shop from you. The best part is that your products will continue to be used during costume parties and themed dinner events even after the Halloween themed events.

Decorate Your Stores

Festive decorations will make heads turn and tempt even the most world- weary customers to take a peek at your stores. Use a lavish spread of orange and black colors and eerie Halloween decorations like spiders or cobwebs to round off the fun. They can pull customers inside and make a fun way to showcase your product line.

Add Fall Flavors to Your Menu

Businesses in the food and drink industry can benefit from offering seasonal flavored items like apple cinnamon and pumpkin that are especially popular during Halloween. Think of some signature dishes that will easily build up a loyal fan base.

Give Away Custom Treats

Celebrate the most popular Halloween tradition of Trick-or-treating by handing out some custom candies and chocolates to the first time shoppers who drop in or to your regular customers and employees. Customize them with your Halloween greetings, artwork or message to make it unique and interesting.

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