Custom Gifts that Ensure Full Attendance for Your School’s Open House!

School open house is the best occasion that both students and teachers look forward to. Why not send parents and students home with a memorable gift that will tell them how much they are welcome in the classroom.

Custom Gifts that Ensure Full Attendance for Your School’s Open House!

During the school open house, teachers will get an opportunity to get to know their students better and get acquainted with the parents, while students can show parents around the classroom, their friends and their artwork that might have made its way to the bulletin board.

Check out these unique gifts that will get everyone excited at the onset of a new school year

Color changing pencils – Pencils are class room staples that nobody can do away with. However they don’t have to be bland or boring anymore. Check out these heat sensitive pencils that change color according to the body temperature of the one using it. Kids will surely love these color changing pencils and will be excited to use them in class.

Coloring Books– Studies show that coloring books have incredible stress busting powers among not just kids but kids at heart as well. These fun activity books will enhance the dexterity and hand – eye coordination of kids and will improve their focus. The best part is that coloring books help the kids learn on their own.

Pencil Cases– Kids would love these brilliantly colored pencil cases with an easy open zipper pull that will keep the contents safe. Customize these with your school logo and message to make it a well retained custom gift all through the school year. Parents will also appreciate these high utility items that will keep the supplies well organized even at home.

Highlighters– Students can highlight important portions in their notes and make quick glance notes with these highlighters that also come handy for doodling and drawing.

Drawstring bags: Perfect for all grades, these simple and convenient bags are spacious enough to carry everything, from a preschoolers nap time blanket to the sports accessories of senior students.

USB Flash Drives– Teachers who are adopting a paperless technology while sharing lessons post worksheets and assignments online for students to download and save in flash drives. These custom tech gifts will make it easy for the students to follow their lessons without fail. Customize these with school message or mascot to turn it into a school pride item as well that the students will love to talk about with their friends.

These are some of the many custom gifts that will help you to start the new school year with happy students and parents and to make the year a memorable one.

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