Travel Friendly Custom Gifts on a Budget for the Season

2020 travel season is indeed a low key affair considering the pandemic situation all over the world. however, most people are making up for their postponed long haul, overseas holidays with close to home trips and staycations . Taking a holiday trip will go a long way in enhancing the mental and physical well being and happiness especially in the new normal. It is something that everyone needs to break free from the confines of their homes.



A trendy travel staple first and a winter giveaway next, beanies are fashion accessories that people love to wear all round the year.  No matter whether it is to add a fun pop of colors to their vacation snaps or keep their hair in place, beanies are all time favorites of travelers.

Available in a wide range of brilliant colors and patterns, this is a gift that everyone will love! Beanies are not just great for chilly winter  days but make a cool fashion statement any time of the year. Your logo and message embroidered on  beanies will get a lot of attention wherever your recipients go. Invest in custom beanies that will make a trendy addition to any wardrobe and get your recipients talking about it for years to come!

Tri-Tone Striped Pom Beanie With Cuff

Metal tumblers

If you thought choosing promotional items that will impress a wide variety of people, lifestyles, and fashion senses can be difficult, you could be in for a surprise with these popular handouts of custom tumblers.

Trendy, practical and well retained, custom insulated metal tumblers will make a welcome addition to people on the go. Designed to keep the beverages  hot or cold as desired, these tumblers also have skid resistant base and spill resistant lids  that will keep  the content safe while on the move. Choose from a wide cache of models , colors and materials to match your promotional theme. Your message imprinted on these everyday items will travel nicely with your travel savvy recipients – garnering valuable brand impressions on the go!

Full Color 20 Oz Ares Tumblers

Luggage tags

Luggage tags are not just to identify your baggage at airport carousels,; these brilliantly colored tags are handy to spot your bags easily while going on a family trip or a holidays with your friends.  You need something exceptional that will keep your luggage stand out from the heaps of similar looking bags and brands. Businesses can get these budget friendly handouts imprinted with travel jokes, their message or logo to make a  moving billboard for their business. Choose from various handy models including those with a clear window to display the ID tag.

Luggage tags can be  hooked onto your briefcase, book bag, computer bag, diaper bag and other belongings to make sure  that everyone knows who owns it ! This handy and budget friendly handout will make a great giveaway for the travel enthusiasts. The best part is that luggage tags enjoy a long shelf life; just imagine the exposure your brand will get as they travel through airports, hotel lobbies and train stations.

Hideaway Luggage Tag And Pen

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