How to play the Seasonal Card while Choosing Promotional Products

Did you know that seasons and the major holiday events of the year have  a great impact on the promotional items that you choose? If your answer is no, then you  may find this post useful.

 Seasons do play a crucial role while choosing custom products for promotions. Choosing the right products in the right season can have fabulous results.


Apparent Value

Handing out free gifts to your audience need not guarantee that your campaign will succeed. Freebies are hard to resist alright; however your consumers are more likely to use your products if they  develop an emotional connection with it.

Marketers can choose products that are relevant to the different seasons of the year to ensure that the audience engages with your brand strongly. Promo products that are seasonal staples and make lives easier during that season are  top favorites. For instance, beach balls and sunglasses make great handouts during summer events while jackets and beanies will be a better option for winter. Customers will appreciate such products for their apparent value while you attain your seasonal marketing goals as your recipients put your products to good use throughout the season.

Sentimental Factor 

Customers are more likely to retain products with sentimental value. Make use of the seasonal psychology of your recipients  to choose the best gifts. For instance, during winter when most people stay indoors, you can consider toys and games, insulated tumblers or blankets as your possible gift items. Every time your clients seek comfort in these high utility, season specific gifts, they will develop an affinity with your brand.

Consumer Moods

Seasons affect consumer moods  in different ways. During summer, most people will be in a jovial and holiday mood while winter can be slow  and low key. So  how well you choose products that will cheer up your customers is what makes or breaks your campaign. Find  a list of promotional products that your customers can never resist during different seasons.

Stay on top of trends

It is a no brainer why fashion trends and seasons go hand in hand!  Fashion colors, patterns and fabrics are often influenced by changing seasons. For instance sunny yellow, orange and earthy tones pop up during fall while the holiday colors of red, blue and white  will appear as winter rolls in.

Spring and summer are the perfect time  for vibrant colors, floral prints and more. So, keep a close watch on what’s hot and what’s not to make your custom products popular.  Make sure to spin these seasonal trends relevant to your customer group to your advantage in your product promotions campaigns.

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