Toy Story 4 Themed Promotional Products – Make Your Branding Game Fun!

Toy Story 1,2 and 3 series had unveiled a fascinating world of toys in possession of the little master Andy. Be it the confused Buzz that thinks he can fly and reach planets, the slinky dog that can shrink and stretch like crazy or Sheriff Woody, the favorite toy of Andy, the world of toys indeed was interesting.

Here comes Forky!!

Even the dysfunctional Potato Head was very much part of the toy collection of the little boy. It was nice to see all the toys coming together to save Mr. Potato Head from getting sold off in a yard sale. Hamm is not just a cute toy but a piggy bank that teaches us the saving habit.

Toy story has indeed had its fair share of thrills and spills of car chase, kidnapping, suspense moments and even tear-jerking melodrama apart from humor. Remember the mayhem and disorder happens when these inanimate objects spring into life!

Now that Toy Story series 4 has hit the screens it is time to focus on the star character of Forky, an adorable, little spork fitted with pipe-cleaner arms and a cute, squiggly face that embarks on a road trip adventure. Toy Story 4 is expected to set off some trends not just in the toy market but in the kitchen and households around the world, especially in the USA.

Many online stores and retailers have even come up with new spork models that will make a welcome addition to the dessert spoon sets in homes and family restaurants. Any marketer can plan a toy story-4 themed promotional event to cash in on the trend by handing out gifts like 14 Oz Thermal Mugs with Spoon and Fork Set to celebrate the stardom of Forky. It not just keeps food fresh, tasty and in its original temperature but features an airtight lid and folding fork and spoon under the lid! Loads of fun, these fork sets will make the hottest talking topics around the round table in the days ahead!

You can even imprint the famous spork dialogues like“I am not a toy. I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili” or “I don’t belong here! Aaah! to complete the theme.

Browse our collection to choose items that complement the killer charm of forky to make your promotions tons of fun and laughter! Your audience will surely be delighted.

Which of the toy characters are your favorite in Toy 4 series and how cool it is to use gifts that complement their shape? Share your thoughts on our facebook page to join an interesting conversation.

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