Novelty Promotional Items- Celebrate The Lighter Side Of Life!

A little fun is good for everyone; even the stiff upper lipped clan of serious people will agree to this! Why not spread cheer and make your audience smile with these interesting novelty promotional items.


How fun can be a serious branding strategy? Read along to explore things that you may not have even thought about.

Reports show that 1 of the top 3 reasons for people to hold on to custom gifts is the fun element that it carries. 

People love to retain fun gifts rather than serious and plain handouts that may not strike a chord with them. If you want your swag to be extra special, then look no further than custom novelty gifts.


Smiles are infectious

Smiles spread fast. Being in the company of happy people will lift the mood of everyone. Smiles transmit positive vibes to everyone around and help them beat stress and stay hale and happy! So, why not consider something funny like MopTopper Stylus pens that will leave everyone in splits

Custom Printed Patriotic Mop Topper Stylus Pens

These silly faced huggable phone charging stations will make perfect companions for your recipients wherever they go!

Promotional Huggable Phone Charging Stations

Brain teasers are cool

Planning a team building exercise? Forget about flow chart and product quizzes; consider something really interesting like puzzles and rubik cubes. It will bring out the kid in everyone and will help them see the lighter side of life even in their busy life!

Rubik's 9-Panel Full Stock Cube

Fun and form make a deadly combo!

Novelty giveaways are not all about fun, most of them are practical as well. Original Bend-A-Pen with – 5 Colors. It will grab easy attention even in crowded events like tradeshows or business events. Business promotions need not always be a serious and conventional exercise held within the glass doors of your office!

Logo Imprinted Original Bend-A-Pen with - 5 Colors

Make your message memorable

Studies show that it takes five to seven impressions for the customers to remember a logo.

 Put your brand on an interesting item to get your audience truly engaged with your brand.  Choose novelty products that match your promotional theme. These dumbbell shaped keychains are great giveaways for your fitness center or fitness items stores. Globe Stress Reliever enjoy a universal appeal and can be used to promote anything right from college to library or travel packages.

Imprinted Globe Stress Reliever

Novelty giveaways make great reminders

By clubbing a novelty giveaway with a memorable event, you can create beautiful memories for your recipients. For instance, floating keychains are great for a day out of fun and fishing; your recipients will cherish these for a long time.  If you are sponsoring a league game, send home your attendees with these basketball kick sacks to get them to remember the event.

Personalized Basketball Kick Sacks

Think out of the box

Break the norms with novelty promotional items and drive up the fun. Anyone who receives these logo items won’t stop smiling!