Tote bags brings together style and substance

Everyone uses bags and these colorful non woven totes will literally take your breath away with their simple designs and curious shapes. You haven’t seen colorful bags if you have not explored the custom Tote bags from ProImprint. Offer these as free promotional gifts during tradeshows, events and conventions and see how your tradeshow booth gets overfilled by people. Imprint your logo and business message on these brilliantly colored totes to leave an impression among your current customers and those who pass on the street!

Custom Non Woven Budget Shopper Totes Bags

Custom tote bags can be used to promote gym, spa, schools, libraries, art supply stores, grocery stores and much more. Designed to last long, Totes make fashionable and functional accessories that people will never get enough of using. As the name suggests it is indeed a bag to tote all the essential items like cellphone, make up articles, shades, key, money and much more. Totes also make a stylish accessory that completes the look of your costume.

Totes make perfect options as summer holiday bags that look elegant at the poolside and the adventure theme park alike. Available in a palette of beautiful colors, the logo imprinted on these will never fail to garner the interest of people around. The spacious designs and colorful profile of totes have made them a lifestyle brand that people cannot resist!

Let’s be frank about it! Nobody can have just one of these stylish Toes that make perfect options to lug around their supplies on a day out in the beach, during a weekend picnic or during school errands or office work. Apart from being a screaming billboard for your logo and business message, these custom totes also make thoughtful personal gifts or party favors. You can even hand these promotional gifts out to your employees as tokens of appreciation and every time they carry these around, your brand will get the much desired exposure.

Customized Non Woven Promotional Tote Bags

Totes make perfect bags for summer as these are available in endless color choices, prints and materials that gel well with the bright and sunny weather and the holiday mood in the air. Imprinted totes make great for holiday groups, men’s groups or youth groups as these make trendy backdrop for all your messages and logo.

Promotional totes are offered in the perfect size for your customers for a shopping spree, beach fun or during travel. Tear resistant and water repellent, these fully lined durable bags are ideal for the rough and tumbles of daily life. Be it a Carnival day, a shopping stint or a beach day, totes ensure a beautiful bag that match their costumes, solve the storage woes and highlight the generous side of your company alike.

Totes are budget friendly and hugely popular that marketers can choose to hand out totes in different styles year after year and still retain the interest of the customers. Well, not many other promotional gifts hold this charm for sure. So, what are you waiting for? Kick start your summer promotions with a bang with these hard to miss out tote bags and enjoy a long term brand exposure.

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