Top Trends In Custom Products to Watch Out in 2021 Q2

Here are some expected trends in custom products  for 2021 Q2 that the marketers will find interesting. The top priority areas are likely to include health and wellness items, ecofriendly products and stress relieving items .


Eco friendly products

As the whole world strives to eliminate single use plastic in the near future, the significance of reusable and ecofriendly custom giveaways is more than ever before. . With better awareness on the grave issues of plastic pollution, consumers are changing their own behavior to reduce plastic waste by opting for environmentally friendly choices.  From reusable tumblers to bags and recyclable work desk accessories, you can choose from a wide range of eco friendly handouts that are hard to resist

Providing alternatives to single-use plastics like wheat tumblers or stainless steel tumblers or products made from  recycled PET bottles are some of the many  product choices to consider.

12 Oz Wheat Mugs

Wearable Technology

Fitness trackers and smart watches continue to be the number one fitness trend in 2021 as well. If you are looking for some budget friendly, analog products for those who may not be tech savvy, you can choose high utility products like running belts and pedometers  among others. Your logo and message imprinted on it will get a lot of attention for sure.

Tap N' Read Fitness Tracker Pedometer Watches

Health and Wellness

People are taking their personal health more seriously, in the post pandemic new normal world. As everyone is taking control over what they eat and how they live, wellness products make a great custom product to consider. It will complement the way of thinking  of your audience and could set you ahead in 2021.

PPE items that offer something extra than  the basic masks and sanitizer is the new trend. Check out these models that your recipients will find truly interesting and value added.

Out of the Box PPE Kit with Box Lip Balm

Work from home giveaways

As most employees and clients are working remote, it will be a great idea to choose practical giveaways like work from home kits  to reach out to the remote employees and clients.

Custom Imprinted Work From Home Kits

Handouts that are popular among millennials 

Millennials are the largest generation after the Baby Boomers. Hence it is important to  make sure that your promotional gift list has products that they will find appealing. Choose gifts that cater to the specific needs of this generation that is tech-savvy, well connected and socially and environmentally conscious. Whether it is tech accessories like wireless products or something innovative like self sanitizing drinkware items , you can hand pick a lot of interesting gift choices that will inspire and impress them all at once.

RoxBox Aqua Bluetooth Speakers

Fun and retro handouts

Help your audience to beat the technology overdose with some nostalgic and retro gifts like Rubik cubes, playing cards, Yo Yo and so much more. It will help them stay better focused, relaxed and to pace down by going back in time machine for a refreshing change.

Rubik's® 9-Panel Full Stock Cube

Need more gift ideas? Browse our collection of custom giveaways that make lives easier and happier for your clients and employees. Happy shopping!