The Best Ways to use Printed  Bags to  Promote Your Business Goals

Custom bags are popular, trendy and budget friendly handouts that can pack a serious marketing punch.  Highly portable, bags enhance your brand visibility with the least amount of fuss and budget. Your recipients could be using these branded bags for a long time, promoting your business as they go about their daily activities. Custom bags are available in a wide range of models in every price rate.


Here are some tips for choosing the right promotional bags to get your business seen and remembered!

As trade show bags

Probably bag models like totes win hands down as trade show bags. Offered in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, these bags will put your message on a wide display as your attendees carry around these bags in the venue. The best custom gifts will make your booth buzzing with activity and teeming with crowd.

Branded bags are useful for the attendees to carry their papers and merchandise, while your logo will get a wide angle display. Tote bags are available in a range of materials including ecofriendly cotton and jute models and allow you to get creative with your design. Invest in these timeless gifts that will get used over and over again during shopping, picnic, road trips and more. The large imprint area will give you a long hand in putting your brand and message on a panoramic display.

Cotton Convention Tote Bags

 New product launch

Send home the guests and your customers with a lasting reminder of your new product line with branded bags. These make tangible reminders of your brand and will align with any product or service you are launching.

Draw string bags make great handouts for product launch events especially for sports wear niche. Designed to  be comfortably worn over both shoulders, the recipients will find these bags highly useful. The single open compartment that is easy to access and the incredible color choices are the other features of these bags to die for!

Large Sports Pack Polyester Drawstring Bags

If you are promoting an IT company  a custom laptop bag could be the moving commercial you have been waiting for. Choose from a variety of styles, shapes and materials to impress your audience.

Referral gifts

Document bags make  practical promotional bags are something everyone will find useful to keep their documents and papers well organized.  A practical bag will be treasured longer and will bring your customers closer to your brand. Opt for a subtle logo placement to get all eyes on it!

The  hand straps will ensure a comfortable toting option while the pockets and the compartments keep belongings organized. The durable design of these bags will enhance its value as promotional handouts. Think of the impressions these make once your attendees start using it over and over again in their daily lives. Choosing a retail-quality bag will help you earn some  loyal brand ambassadors.

Document Bags

Ecofriendly promotions

Canvas and jute bags made from environmentally friendly material make excellent swag to connect to your customers in an eco-friendly way. Fashionable and functional, these trendy bags for-life are sturdy enough to carry heavy objects, It will  make a  practical choice if you wish to include some heavy duty cataloges or giveaways during the event.

Jumbo Jute Tote Bags

Bags are available in a wide range of options, at different price points, which makes it easy for you  to find a branded, promotional bag that’s right for you. Shop right away!