Top Tips For Promoting Beer Themed Events

Summer is the best season of the year to promote wine and beer themed events like beer tasting, wine making or wine tours among others. Get more people know about your beverage  with some interesting promotional ideas and stand out in the competition.

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Enhance brand image

Make your brand image a certain part of the consumer’s consumption process. For instance, you can think of some interesting deals like  get one free for every 2 wine bottles or offer a birthday cake for a party of revelers that order 6 wines or more. Think of something in this line to enhance the awareness of your brand in a fun yet effective manner.

 Box Prizes

Surprise gifts inside the packing are a proven method to impress your audience during beverage promotion. You can even include a scratch card in the box and inform the consumer whether he has won the prize. The prizes can include wine, tickets, souvenirs, travel products and many others. Encourage the participants to keep playing the game for the grand prize at the end. It will keep the participants hooked to the game and your brand for a very long time.

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 Bottle opening bonus

A popular promotional method adopted by mostly restaurants, here the salesman gets a small bottle opening bonus for each bottle of wine that he recommends. The waiters and bartenders in bars and restaurants will like this type of promotion.

 Empty bottle Exchange for Wine

Encourage the customers to bring the empty bottles to be exchanged for a bottle of original or other special prizes. This promotional theme is well suited during milestone events and popular games like world cup. A specified number or type of beer bottle sleeves or caps can be redeemed for prizes.

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 Prize contest

TV games, quiz programs and competitions can be used to promote the company and products. It is a smart way to reach out to a massive audience at once. Consider gifts like  wine cooler bags, electric wine openerswine glasses, wine tote bags, and a lot more to impress the wine aficionados

Double Wine Kooler Bags

 Sponsorship activities

Sponsorship activities during special festivals, such as Thanks Giving Day, grand opening or Film promotion, will ensure ample publicity for these events and get your message out to large number of potential customers. It will enable the attendants to be able to taste the brand, become opinion consumer leaders and carry out word of mouth marketing.

Team Effort

Make your team and employees your biggest brand ambassadors and the front line marketing team. Encourage them to promote your products by offering incentives and it can have a decisive role in your brand promotion.

 Membership marketing

Give bespoke membership plans to your customers to suit their life style. Providing your consumers personalized products and services will make an effective a marketing strategy. Give more value added benefits to your regular clients so that the consumers will enjoy the privileges of being a member and becomes more loyal to your brand.

There are a lot more opportunities to market your beer product. The key is to understand the needs of your potential consumer and align your brand to match it.