Tips To Plan A Fund Raising Golf Tournament- Must Read

A charity golf tournament is a great way to raise funds for a social cause that you support and make an enjoyable platform for participants, sponsors and attendees alike.

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Set a plan

Define goals for everyone involved in the golf tournament and the amount of money that you need to raise. Well defined goals will keep everyone on the same page and ensure better coordination while planning the golf tournament.

Create a Budget

Working out a budget fairly early will help you to navigate the planning process easily. Account for all anticipated expenditures, such as marketing and advertising expenses, golf course rent, event planners fees, food and drink expenses and more. Make sure to leave room for some unexpected expenses as well.

Select the Golf Course

Choose a golf course that falls within your budget and match the skill sets of the participants. If you expect causal and intermediate players, make sure to choose courses that are not overly challenging. Selecting the best golf venue can be crucial in the tournament’s success. Consider about the players’ skill level, venue and price to arrive at a perfect choice.

Get Sponsorship

Sponsors are essential to make any golf outing successful. A headlining sponsor earns the most brand exposure during the event. Tiered sponsorships allow businesses to choose how much they want to donate.  They can choose different types of branding opportunities like sponsoring a hole, outfitting the players and volunteers with golf attire, or supplying the open bar and bartenders and more.

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Spread the word

Now that you have chosen the greens, you need to spread the word to make your event well attended. Send out invitation with all of the important details: date and time, location, the sponsors, entry fees, etc.  You can post it in your social media platforms and to all your email contacts.

Make it Memorable

Contests, prizes and entertainments programs will all help to make the golf event even more enjoyable and engaging. Keep the competitive spirit alive while giving away gifts for the winners  or the participants to make them feel well appreciated! Photo booths and golf-inspired cocktail drinks are also unique ways to enhance the fun of the day.

Raffles or silent auctions can help you raise extra funds. Discuss the possibility with the sponsors and sports teams to see if they can donate some prizes to bid on.

A Swag Bag 

Set up a good  golf themed swag bag to make your attendees happy. A sports bag with a golf towel, a Bluetooth speaker and golf balls will be a good choice for your golfers and volunteers. For the spectators, consider tote bags, hats and tumblers as swag, which will please them immensely while your brand imprinted on these high utility gifts will go wherever they go!

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Last but not least send your attendees a thank you mail and a feedback form, which will help you to make it still better in future.

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