Top 8 Promotional Items for the Holiday Travel Season Campaigns

Holiday season is upon us and once again it is time for a spell of busy promotions for business owners. When most people will be on holiday trips and travel, custom gifts that come handy during their trips will be a good choice. So, here we go with 8 of our favorite custom gifts that can be considered during this holiday season.


Keychains will make a sensible and functional gift item to consider. By customizing your keychains in an interesting and fun manner, you are rest assured of a wide angle display of your brand across various locations and among different classes of people. Promotional Keychains are easy to grab on the go for your recipients and will make a fun way to walk your promotional talk quite literally!

USB Drive
Go paperless the smart and sleek way with these key shaped USB drive with optional keyrings. This custom item will ensure that your recipients will have all the information they need right at their finger tips, anytime, anywhere! A flash drive shaped as a key can hold discretely 2 gigabytes of memory to store documents, scans, images, or music or movies that your recipients might need on their travel.

Blue tooth Speaker
The party is always within your recipients’ arm’s reach when they have these cute blue tooth speakers. They can turn every moment to an enjoyable party no matter whether they are in the airport or on the move with these handy gifts. The best part is that these smart gift items will attract a lot of curious people from all over. Be it friends or envious foes, at the end of the day, your brand on these trendy gift items will get all the attention that it deserves as people will simply love to get hold of these brilliant gift items.

Fanny packs
Any traveler’s ultimate companion, Fanny packs are a rage in promotional circuits. Available in a range of brilliant colors, these are simply great to hold money, credit cards and to stash in an item or two without carrying the entire bag while on a hiking trip or adventure activity. It is equally popular among both the young and the young at heart and will make a smart gift item to put your brand on a high speed trail during the busy holiday season where marketers strive to grab the maximum attention. Some of the features to die for include an adjustable elastic waist wrap, built-in slot for ear buds and inside key pockets. Available in several attractive colors like red, royal blue, lime green, pink and black colors, these products will surely make your brand popular among your target customers.

Flashlights could probably be the best possible gift items during the holiday season. These come in handy all the time, light weight and easy to carry around. Every time your recipients arrive at a vacation rental after dark or try to open their car door at a dimly lit village road, these flashlights will come to their aid. The brilliant color choices and the generous imprint area of these flashlights will make a perfect real estate for you to place your message. Nobody will miss your brand and your message and anyone who sees these will surely be tempted to find out whether they can have these gifts too. These functional gifts enjoy a long retention and ensure repeat impressions for your recipients.

Multi Tools
In an age of multi tasking and DIY tasks, can there be a better gift idea than these custom multi tools? Every time your recipients want to get prepared for picnics, camping holidays and more, these tool sets will come handy for all the fix it errands. Daily use tools like spring action pliers, Knife blade, Bottle/Can opener, carabiner, scissors and more are built into the folds of these compact tool kits to suit the needs of the travelers. When these are not in use, these fold up neatly to make it easy to pack and carry.

When you need a pen, there can’t be a substitution. This golden rule is something that no traveler can afford to overlook! Be it at the airports, on rail pass trains or at the hotels, people may have to fill out forms many times every day. These personalized pens will come handy whenever they have to jot down something important in a hurry. In the process your brand on these will easily grab the attention of everyone around.

Hand Sanitizers
Help your recipients stay healthy and germ free even when they have no easy access to soap or water with these logo hand sanitizers. Every time they relish the delicious street food or think of a quick outdoor picnic party, these logo items will come in handy and they will surely find these gifts appropriate.

Holiday season promotions will ensure not just portability to your brand but will get your message out among an extended audience beating the time and space barriers. You can shop right away for some of the most trending promotional items that will never fail to appease the travel savvy customers.

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