2017 Promotional Calendars and Planners- Help Your Recipients Get Organized

Promotional calendars and planners are not just one of the most popular New Year promotional gifts ever but also get your name in front of your audience for 365 days at a stretch! Calendars and planners help your recipients to stay organized, plan their schedules and to make the most of their available time without going insane! Even in the age of smart phones and electronic reminders, calendars continue to be one of the most popular promotional items, which in itself is a proof of the popularity that these ubiquitous items enjoy in the daily lives of people.

Promotional calendars and planners will promote your business in a subtle and non intrusive manner while helping the customers stay well organized. Here’s a closer look at some of the interesting models in these logo items.

Wall Calendars
Wall calendars are easy to hang up and it can be used to write appointments/ reminders by the entire family of your recipients thereby enhancing the scope and extent of your brand exposure. Calendars get used all year long, which means that these logo items will serve as reminders of your business for a whole year. Choose a calendar in a theme that goes with your business to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your recipients.

Desk calendars
Another great option to consider would be the custom desk calendars, which makes planning even easier for the users. Every time they reach out for these handy calendars to note down their schedules, your logo will grab their attention first. These calendars make great promotional items for schools, construction and health care industries among others to connect with their customers in a unique way.

Weekly/ monthly planners
Although these may not offer a lot of space for planning, it makes a fun way to plan their weekly appointments or monthly schedules in a precise and simple manner. The best part is that these weekly and monthly planners are perfect for cars and vans and your customers will find these useful to tweak their weekly plans even on the go. Available in multiple colors, these make excellent promotional items for financial companies, banks, and more.

Here are some interesting models to consider

2017 Landscapes of America Mini Wall Calendars: Bring in a slice of nature, indoors with these breathtakingly beautiful mini calendars that are great for not just work spaces and homes but for cars and vehicles as well.Promotional Logo 2017 Landscapes of America Mini Wall Calendars

2017 Cocktails Stapled Wall Calendars: Your recipients can raise a toast to their favorite drink every time they check the date and day on these attractive wall calendars. Great options to promote wineries, bars and bistrosCustom Imprinted 2017 Cocktails Stapled Wall Calendars

2017 Welcome Home Stapled Wall Calendars: Home is where the heart is! These beautiful wall calendars will make the spaces more welcoming for your recipients.Customized 2017 Welcome Home Stapled Wall Calendars

2017 Monkey Mischief Stapled Wall Calendars: The middle name of naughtiness, monkeys is probably the cutest of all animals. Flip through their pranks and hilarious monkey acts through the pages of these wall calendars.Promotional 2017 Monkey Mischief Stapled Wall Calendars

Browse our collection of custom calendars that will make planning easier for your customers and will promote your brand alike. Find it overwhelming? Call us and we can walk you through the selection and ordering process. Hurry, New Year is only a few weeks away!

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