Top 8 Beach Bag Essentials  That Will Enhance The Holiday Experience

Let’s be frank about it! Nothing says summer like beach fun. The sandy shores indeed make the epicenter of fun and crowd and for the same reason, beach themed promotions are quite effective for marketers. Summer accounts to the busiest retail season and these popular beach bag essentials will take your brand right where your prospects are!


Hand sanitizers / wet wipes

First things first! As the pandemic scare is not fully blown over, it is recommended to stay safe even during holidays and beach fun. Custom hand sanitizers will make a great giveaway for  your customers. It is a must-have item in any travel bag these days and your logo and message imprinted on these will get not just their attention but  the eyes of everyone around. It will come handy when they are in public places like hotels or cafes where they have to do a quick wipe-down of the door knobs or elevator buttons to stay germ free.

Custom 2 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gels

Dry bags

Help your beach loving audience keep their travel documents, money, phones or keys safe from getting wet by handing out these water proof dry bags. Choose from various sizes and colors to match the needs of your audience. Your brand and message on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation on the beach and even beyond!

Waterproof Dry Bags with Clear Window

Beach towels

Beach towels are something everyone needs but often forgotten. Your message imprinted on these massive towels will enjoy a wide display on the sandy shores as your recipients spread it out to eat their lunch, play a game of cards or even relax after a swim!

Promotional Beach Towels

Water bottles

Your recipients can stay hydrated while at the beach with these insulated  custom water bottles that will keep beverages hot or cold as they wish. It makes a must have item to go into any beach bag for sure. Choose from various models and color choices and keep your message fresh in their minds.

20 Oz Colton Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottles


Obviously sunscreen is a beach bag essential. Choose from water resistant models with adequate SPF for the best results. You can also consider combo models that bring together the double goodness of a lip balm  and sunscreen.  These make great summer staples for you to put your brand on!

SPF30 Sunscreen Lotions with Carabiner and SPF15 Lip Balms

Wireless Speaker

Water resistant speakers that are great for pool parties or beach fun will make a great choice. Durability and high performance of these wireless speakers will make it a perfect choice for anyone who cannot live without their daily fix of music- whether they are at home or on the beach! These compact speakers wont take up much space in the bag as well.

Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speakers


Stay safe from the sun and keep your hair from getting messy in the wind with these stylish customized hats  for men and women. Choose  the cowboy hats that will   keep  the face also shielded from sun. Your brand and message on these imposing hats will pique quick interest.

 Logo Fold And Go Outdoor Hats


No beach holiday can be complete without a pair of sunglasses. UV 400 protective lenses will keep the  eyes safe from UV rays of the sun while the stylish designs and party centric colors will make heads turn wherever your recipients. You can even hand out floating sunglasses or color changing sunglasses to add a fun twist to your promotions. Your recipients will love the gift idea  while your message imprinted on these frames will get the best attention!

Color Changing Malibu Sunglasses

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