Time To Turn Your Beach Fun On With These Summer Promotional Items

Beach fun is on! Splash, play, get your toe in the sand or count waves- no matter how you go about it, beach holidays make fabulous memories. For marketers, on the other hand, the season offers a great chance to leave their brand reminders among their outdoorsy audience. Choose some popular beach promotional items and watch your brand hitting the shoreline.

Custom Gifts that Turns Your Beach Fun On

For Americans, beach activities make one of the top three summer activities. So, do not miss the chance to reach out to the fun-loving crowd and convey your message the best way they understand- yes through freebies! For most people, a day out on the beach would mean relaxing and beating a retreat from the daily grinds. Often gazing out to the endless expanses of azure waters and white sand in itself can have a refreshing effect one every one of us.

So, make sure to enhance the fun of their relaxing day out on the beach by handing out some handy custom gifts like the following

Beach staples

Beach Towels – Make a perfect way to stretch out for the beach lovers, beach towels double up as a portable billboard for your message. Offered in a palette of vivid colors and material choices, beach towels make the middle names of beach fun for sure.
Custom Printed Beach Ball Beach Towels

Why not take their beach fun a notch higher with these Poolside Fun Kits? These consists of a waterproof pouch with neck cord and also UV resistant Malibu sunglasses, which keep them comfortable and stylish on the sunny sandy beach.  Mesh folding chairs is another choice to consider. It will make a comfortable perch for your recipients to sit back and relax while feeling the cool breeze through the meshed back.

Custom Printed Camping Poly Canvas Folding Chairs

Safety items

Beach holidays are not just about surf and sand but stinging sun as well. Keep your audience well shielded from the UV risks with imprinted sunscreen that will get your message far and wide. Most beachgoers often forget to pack these summer essentials and every time your prospects lend these to their friends, your brand gets a new audience.

Waterproof Phone Pouch with Cord will keep their pricey gadgets and keys safe and dry even when your beach-loving recipients wade in the water.

Custom Imprinted Waterproof Phone Pouch with Cord

Kids promo gifts

30% of people go to the beach to let their kids play and enjoy. So, it makes a smart move to also include some custom gifts that are appealing to the little ones. Binoculars will make a delightful gift choice; kids will find it useful to catch a glimpse of the setting sun and the distant horizon. The best part is that binoculars enjoy very high retention as kids can use it during game days, parades and school days as well.

Customized Zippo Binoculars

Beach balls: Not just the kids but everyone in the family including the poodle will find these fun toys a great bet. Your brand and message imprinted on these brightly colored balls will get a keen audience and will make your brand part of family fun!

12 Inch Custom Printed Swirl Beach Balls

If you’re holding an event on the beach or when your employees plan a day on the beach, these promotional items will make a great addition to their holidays. Shop right away!

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