Top 6 Tradeshow Giveaways That No Business Owner Can Overlook

April and May makes the peak tradeshow season in the US with many small and large tradeshows in the list. Tradeshows generate massive marketing opportunities for businesses and help them reach out to a large crowd all at once.

So, if you are planning to attend a tradeshow this season, make sure that you have the best logo gifts in hand. Remember, the gifts that you hand out will determine the footfalls and the popularity of your booth more than anything else. So, make sure to choose promotional items that make your perfect brand ambassadors, which will work for your brand for a very long time after the tradeshows end. It will be a smart move to include a perfect mix of functional and fashionable items to retain the interest of your audience.

Choosing the most appropriate tradeshow handout is easier said than done. We , the product specialists in ProImprint has come up with a quick list of some of the most popular tradeshow handouts doing the rounds to help you get started. Include these popular gift items into your marketing mix and see how your tradeshow booth becomes the talk of the town in the days ahead.

  1. T shirts: -Most popular among custom gifts, T shirts will make walking billboards for brands as anything imprinted on these will never fail to grab the attention of people around.Custom Gildan Adult Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirts
  2. Fitness bottles: A custom sports bottle is something nobody can resist any day especially during summer. Be it to their work or work out place, everyone will love to carry these logo items to ensure a healthy dose of water.26 Oz Promotional New Balance Core Sport Bottles
  3. Pens: Practical and long lasting, pens are indeed powerful than swords in getting your message out and to prove your point. It holds true even in promotional circuits as a pen will always serve as a representative of your business. Everyone needs pens in their daily lives. No matter whether your recipients use these themselves or lend it to their friends, the message imprinted on these will get a wide angle display for sure.Custom Imprinted Wizard Plastic Pens
  4. Lips Balm: The scorching summer season makes a tough time for everyone to care of their lips and skin. That is what makes custom lipbalm a popular summer time promotional item. Available in various popular flavors like vanilla, mint and watermelon among others, these freebies will surely leave a tasty reminder of your brand in your recipients.Promotional Lip Gloss Balls - 6 Colors
  5. Hand Sanitizers: Show that your business truly cares and let your customers stay healthy wherever they go and by handing out these practical daily use item. Available in various handy models like spray, gel and lotions, these will keep your recipients’ germ free even on the go.Custom 1Oz Hand Sanitizers
  6. Custom Folding Sunglasses: Sunglasses make popular logo gifts for both outdoor and indoor events. However have you ever employed these unique folding sunglasses that will neatly fold down to fit easily in pockets? Handy and practical, these sunglasses will leave your recipients spoilt for choices.Custom Printed Foldable Blues Brothers Style Glasses

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