Top 5 Promotional Products For Travel Season

Attention road warriors and wanderlusts- we have the best promotional items that will complement your urge to roam free and explore the sun soaked outdoors. Businesses can enhance the holiday experience of their customers by handing out a perfect set of promotional items that are not just beneficial for your company but useful for the customers as well.

Top 5 Promotional Products For Travel Season

  • Phone wallet

 A largely underrated product in itself, custom phone wallets will make great promotional items with assured ROI. It makes a great option to protect not just the phone but also to carry important travel cards, keys and other small daily use items. These handy promotional items will help the users to carry their essential items without having to haul their bulky wallet every time they step out of their homes. From a marketing angle, phone wallets make a unique item that will allow your message to be seen by your target audience in a subtle and non intrusive manner. Every time your customers carry these travel staples, the commuters around them will take note of your brand, thereby extending your brand reach.

Personalized Silicone Phone Stand with Pocket

  • Drawstring bag

Drawstring bags make a handy hold-all bag that is well suited for a multitude of occasions. It is an easy and fun way to carry stuff and enjoy the ultimate hands free convenience. Be it camping, hiking or sports day, these easy to use bags with a simple design will fit the bill perfectly. The best part is that cinch bags make a great bag all round the year as it can face the seasonal onslaught and rough handling effectively. The universal appeal of drawstring bags has made it a must have item among all types of audience – no matter whether they are young or young at heart!  Designed to look good and last long, these logo items will give your business a wide angle display and persistent brand impressions.

Promotional Logo Mesh Sports Drawstring Bags

  • Car Air Freshener

Keep not just the car interiors of your recipients fresh but also your message with custom gifts like Auto Air Vent Freshener With Phone Holder. Auto accessories make an effective way to market your product considering the fact that Americans spend most of their waking hours behind the wheel, commuting. Cars have become a great place to promote your brand as it will grab the attention of the driver, and passengers. Anyone who happens to see it will become a high value secondary audience for your brand. The lemon scent will leave the users fresh and tantalized while your brand will get all the attention it deserves. The best part is that it doubles up as a handy phone holder too while on the move.

Custom Auto Air Vent Freshener With Phone Holder

  • Water  Bottles

Road trips can be grueling and tiresome and the best way to stay active is to ensure adequate liquid intake. Custom water bottles will make an ideal handout for anyone who loves travelling. These reusable and highly functional water bottles will make a great marketing piece and a great addition to your campaign. Useful for everyone, custom water bottles will make a great gift idea to consider.

20 Oz Custom Printed Aluminum Bike Bottles

  • Power Banks

The huge populace of mobile phone users has driven up the importance of gadgets like powerbanks tremendously in recent times. Everyone relies heavily on their phones to stay connected, for business communications, for fun, entertainment and even to access road maps while on the move.  So, it is obvious that the cell phones should always be on and kicking and that is what makes powerbanks in heavy demand as a marketing tool. Offer your audience this high utility gift of custom powerbanks that will engage your audience with your brand in a subtle way.

Promotional Logo Power Kit with Power Bank and Car Charger

We have a lot more; which of these are you planning to make your promotional gifts? Share your ideas with us at our facebook page

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