Top 3 Tradeshow Gift Ideas That You Cannot Overlook This Season

Tradeshows put your brand in front of a massive audience and offers a fabulous opportunity to meet and interact with a lot of people under one roof. Apart from the curious customers, tradeshows attract industry journalists and analysts, vendors and investors, media and a lot more people.

To attract people into your booth, you need much more than the best drink and snack options. Make sure to source some trending handouts that will attract customers like a magnet draws the iron filings. Always fresh and innovative gift ideas stir up the interest of the audience and so make sure that you have the most interesting sets of gifts that will make the booth next to you go green with envy!

Go with the trend

Selfie sticks
While talking about the top trending custom gifts, the first name that comes to our mind is selfie sticks. One of the recent inventions to satiate the needs of the shutterbugs, these logo items will not just help your recipients get their finest self portraits in all possible angles but also to record special moments and fun times with ease. These arm’s length devices with integrated cable or Bluetooth remote will make selfies easier than never before. Your recipients will surely be reminded of your brand and message on these logo items as much as their holiday moments and landmarks. Make your brand part of their memories by handing out these logo items. Let’s be frank about it! Selfie sticks make creative trade show giveaways your recipients would love to get their hands on and they will surely be tempted to click away a few snaps right at the tradeshow floor!5.5 Inch Custom Printed Mini Selfie Sticks

Let your recipients dance to their own tunes with these handy earbuds. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how these promotional items will make your message musical to their ears. Hand out these logo items as thank you gifts to your booth visitors after they listen to your presentation. Hand out the power of music through these earbuds that will make their world and leisure hours a lot more interesting.Custom Printed Ear Buds in Slide Open Case

Portable speakers make tradeshow staples that help your recipients to carry their exclusive sophisticated sound systems with them. Everytime they switch on their favorite playlist, your logo and message imprinted on these promotional items will grab the attention of your recipients.Promotional Throne Portable Travel Speakers

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