Tips To Plan Your Holiday Corporate Parties The Perfect Way

Holidays are all about parties, festivities and never ending fun. A lot goes into any party to make it a success. Make your corporate party the talk of the town with these smart tips.

Tips To Plan Your Holiday Corporate Parties The Perfect Way!!

Planning a drink and food list and a perfect way to serve them is the first thing on the list.

For alcoholic beverages, you need shot glasses. Our personal favorite is these Old Fashioned Shot Glasses  that can hold most types of beverages and are great to promote concert venues, outdoor festivals and parties.

If you are serving non-alcoholic drinks choose models like stadium cups or plastic tumblers. Offered in a range of attractive colors and models, plastic tumblers will enhance the festive vibes of the parties. Milky Way Plastic Cup Tumblers is a trendy model to consider. Offered in a palette of colors, these tumblers with double wall construction are ideal for cold beverages. You can even mix and match the colors of the tumbler and the lid to customize them well. Make sure to customize these with your brand, holiday greetings or tagline to make sure that your audience is more likely to remember the good times. If you are looking for something quirky, opt for these milk bottle style Americana party tumblers with bold color screw-top lid with matching color sip straw.

16 Oz Personalized Milky Way Plastic Cup Tumblers

Light up  beer steins make a special kind of party favor as it lights up at dark and enhance the party mood. Made in USA, these plastic tumblers will make heads turn with its neon colors. Match it with your own bottle openers to literally get your brand right on to the party tables. By offering something that your recipients will remember, you can make a big difference.

Promotional Logo 14 Oz Nite Glow Beer Steins

2 Oz Glow Shot Glasses is another interesting party favor and drinkware item that will literally make an eye popping addition to your party items that change color  from opaque white plastic to green when activated. People will love these dazzling drinkware items that will build up the party mood. Customize these with your message and artwork to turn them into perfect handouts for that purpose.

Custom Imprinted 2 Oz Glow Shot Glasses

Customized coasters that bear your brand name and message will enhance the corporate feel of the parties and double up as a great gift to send your guests home.  LED Light Up Coasters that change color also comes with a built in bottle opener and a non-slip bottom that keeps them firm on all table surfaces. Your brand and message on these popular Cork’n Velvet Coasters with a velvet bottom and cork top will not just protect the table tops with smudges but also display your brand in wide angle.

Custom Printed Cork'n Velvet Coasters

The best part is that you can customize just about anything that you would use at a party to turn your corporate event into something truly special. Browse our collection to choose gifts that will leave a lasting impression.

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