Beat The Winter Promotional Woes With Custom Stress Relievers

Custom stress relievers make unique promotional items that help businesses get a leg up on the competition. Winter season often sees a drop in business as snow invade the streets and the lifeless gray sky and the numbing cold will keep most people indoors. We at ProImprint have put together a list of interesting promotional products of stress relievers that will help your clients to de stress and be cheerful.

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Here are some delightful features of stress relievers that make it an ultimate crowd pleaser. Check it out

Easy to use

Unlike other stress busting technique like yoga or meditation that requires time and specific space, stress relievers can be used anytime, anywhere. Anyone can take out their anger and frustration on these soft yet firm squeezable items with ease. Interestingly, the incredible popularity of these logo items proves that custom stress relievers do work! These products can be customized with your brand and message to turn them into excellent promotional items for therapists, construction companies and in fact any other types of businesses.

Customized Fidget Spinners


Everybody needs to  put up with tension throughout their work day and these products will get a red carpet welcome everywhere and your brand and message will get a lot of attention. Stress relievers start as low as a few cents, which make them well suited for mass promotional events like tradeshows or store promotions. Choose from a range of quirky, interesting or outright hilarious models like hamburger stress relievers, human body parts like heart or liver, all time favorites of the smiley face stress ball and much more including the trending models like building blocks or fidget spinners. Just match it up with the theme of your event or the likes of your target audience and leave a lasting impression. There is nothing more relaxing than squeezing a stress reliever and see it bounce back to life once you loosen the grip. It will get you laugh and lighten the mood and above all inspire you to stay put in difficult circumstances

Custom Printed Hamburger Stress Reliever

Versatile gift ideas that will help you win every promotional game

Stress relievers are something everyone needs irrespective of age or gender. Stress can spoil a day and leave anyone a bundle of nerves at work, at home or even on the move.  Getting stressed not just hampers your concentration but can affect your health too. Make sure to stay hearty and healthy with these nondescript items of stress relievers even in less than ideal situations when life springs up surprises.

Here are some of the latest models in custom stress relievers that you will find interesting

Cara Spinners: It is not just a stress reliever but a fun toy as well. The dual Carabiner clips will make it easy to carry it even on the move. Spinning these items for just two minutes is found to reduce tension of the users.

Personalized Cara Spinners

Heart Stress Relievers Made up of soft and squeezable material, these brilliantly colored stress relievers are ideal for the promotions of hospitals, Valentine’s Day events and more. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a delightful addition to the daily use items of your audience.

Promotional Heart Stress Relievers

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