Tips To Make Your Home And Office Ready For Autumn

As the brilliant summer season gives its way to the cool and cozy fall season, it is time to celebrate the change of seasons and its golden hues with a makeover to your office and home. As leaves change colors and pumpkins are harvested, the transition is about to start. Fall season is pleasant and ideal for a host of outdoor activities like hiking and camping. No matter what you wish to do, autumn spreads positive vibes and freshness all around.

Cozy autumn at home, a woman with a book.

Still wondering why?

As most people spend most of their time at home or office, it is important that you plan a makeover of your home  to complement the colors and festivities of the upcoming season. Consider a fresh stroke of earthy tones  or brilliant yellow at the patio or bring in fresh paintings to give a fresh look to the spaces.

See how much are you autumn ready? These tips will help you get started


Though fall season may leave the trees barren, you can still accentuate the garden space by bringing in fresh lights and decorative items that will herald the festive season around. Use the fallen golden colored leaves to make decorations for the front doors,patio and windows to add a bit of that seasonal magic to your home.

Mood Light Garden Deco Balls

Lanterns will ensure a romantic touch to the yard where the family can get together as the as the sun sets on the horizon.

COB Pop-Up LanternsBegin with the entryway

Being the first spot of any home that gets the maximum attention of not just the guests but passersby as well, entry ways deserve a great makeover. Invest some time to prepare the area by adding  new picture frames, fresh flower vases, scented candles and more. Light up the space with some decorative lights or bring in a soft golden glow with flame less candles to set the seasonal mood .

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 Fire place : The fireplace and dining area can be decked up with rugs and blankets that will make it cozy and inviting in the cool fall season weather. Pumpkins and gourds make great accents to make it radiate with golden colors.

Halloween Pumpkin Wands with Spinning Light

Campfire mugs near the fireplace and Halloween themed full color magnets on the fridge doors are some of the other ideas that can be tried out.

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Your room: Brilliant photo frames that bear the snaps of the family will make a great way to celebrate the happy memories accrued so far in the year. A wall calendar with some beautiful natural pictures of summer and autumn will help to capture different moods of nature.

Fairways and Greens Stapled Wall Calendars

Do feel free to share with us more tips to ensure a fall season makeover for your spaces.