Custom Giveaways To Promote Savings Among Your Clients

A penny saved is a penny earned! There cant be a better time to remember this golden rule than the post pandemic days that we all go through. Slow market conditions coupled with money crunch underlines the need for developing saving habits.


With appropriate custom promotional giveaways, you can spread awareness about financial discipline and money management and inspire your audience to stove away those unspent bills. Marketers in any industry niche can consider these highly practical gifts that make tangible reminders of not just your brand but the importance of saving money.

Though most people start the New Year with the resolution of saving more money, it will fizzle out in a few days time. Only  very few people manage to follow through with it.  Businesses can give away promotional merchandise to their clients and customers which will encourage savings to show that they care.

Here are some budget friendly handouts that will fit any promotional theme with ease.

Printed Piggy Banks:  The universally accepted symbols of saving money, piggy bags will send across your message clearly. These classic handouts evoke happy memories of childhood and double up as toys and décor items as well. Cute and colorful, custom piggy banks make excellent handouts for businesses in the financial sector especially.

Classic 5 Inch Piggy Bank

Wallets– Enable your recipients to keep track of their credit card usage and expenses while encouraging them to put aside money for the proverbial rainy days. Choose custom wallets from various elegant models that will make a perfect backdrop for your message and logo. One of the best retained corporate gifts, wallets will indeed be a great choice to get your logo right into the hands of the audience while inspiring them to save more.

Cutter & Buck® Legacy Travel Wallets

Travel Money Belts

Stylish way to stay organized with money on the go while reducing the bulk, running belts imprinted with money saving tips will make a great handout. Every time your recipients set out on a road trip, hiking trail or camping holiday, they will be motivated to save some money out of their holiday budget!

Lycra Running Belt Fanny Packs

Money Puzzles: These 54 Piece Mini Money Puzzles may help your clients and employees find the missing puzzle in their money management plan – literally!  It is a perfect way to spread your brand’s name in a fun way and inspire your audience to save money and take money management seriously.

54 Piece Mini Money Puzzles

Coloring Books: Help kids learn about money savings from a very early age by handing out Saving And Spending Plan-Coloring Books Your logo and message imprinted on these will get the much desired publicity among family audience groups as well.

Printed Financial-Learning About Money-My Saving And Spending Plan-Coloring Books

Make money management easier while making your brand the talk of the town with these custom giveaways!