Proven Tips to Choose the Perfect Promotional Pen

 Writing instruments are popular handouts as trade show swag, mailer items, corporate giveaways and so much more.

Pens may all look alike for an average Joe! However the best pen for a trade show may be  very different from a pen as a corporate gift. So, how do you find a perfect choice? Here are some tips to consider while scouting for promotional pens.

The main feature to consider is the material choice- whether it is eco friendly wheat pens, plastic or metal. It is better to opt for black ink pens as most businesses prefer black ink pens. A pen with a stylus will make  a smart and high utility choice than an ordinary pen for  just a few cents more.

Custom pens carry attractive minimum order quantity, which can be matched with any promotional scope. No matter whether you are planning a small promotional event or something massive like a trade show, custom pens will make a perfect choice.

Why pens

Pens are versatile products that can be used in all types of promotional events. Custom pens will never look out of place and will go well with every promotional theme.


Everyone needs pens to scribble notes and reminders and that is what makes pens popular even in today’ digital world. Reports show that writing enhances concentration and recollection among kids and kids at heart alike. So, you have some sound reasons to choose custom writing instruments as your swag.

Ecofriendly pens

From paper pens, to wheat pens and bamboo pens, you can choose from a wide range of material choices in various price rates. An elegant choice as corporate gifts, these pens will highlight your social commitment and green credentials alike

Plastic Pens

Available in a wide assortment of styles and colors, custom plastic pens are cheap as chips. Designed for the rough and tumble of school and office use, these light weight pens are perfect if you have a multicolor logo, which will easily stand out.

Multi functional models

Stylus pens, highlighter pens and flashlight pens are some of the many models that can be considered. The added functionality will make these pens incredibly popular and well retained. Make work life more interesting and effective with these all in one writing instruments that can outsmart ordinary pens!

Novelty Pens

Pique interest and draw attention to your brand with Novelty Pens like tooth Pens, paint brush pens and more. Make use of the large print area to position your brand and message in a prominent way

Metal Pens

Metal Pens can be more expensive than other models. But when you need something exceptional to impress your audience and clients, metal pens will make a great choice. Your logo and message laser engraved on these pens will look as good as new for the life of the pen.

Executive Pens

If you are looking for  a premium quality pen to recognize and reward clients and team members, custom executive pens will make a great choice.

Now that you have a fair idea on what makes writing instruments one of the top marketing tools even today,  you can make a well  informed decision by exploring our complete line of custom pens.