Simple and Budget Friendly Handouts for Business Promotions

Highlight your information, company colors, slogan and corporate identity with these budget friendly, every day handouts. 

Custom giveaways will ensure an elegant presentation of your message and a better chance for your message to get read and displayed in the public. It is a great way to familiarize your brand with your patrons and customers. Thinking of a brochure full of information on your new product launch? You could be surprised to note that most brochures get discarded faster than you think and the campaign could be costly and ineffective!

Practical custom products build strong consumer loyalty for your brand and above all make your campaign successful. Plus, these are well accepted among the public, 

Here are some budget friendly handouts that can be considered

Logo Pens

Custom pens can be a good choice in cost effective marketing tools. Starting at prices of  just a few cents, pens are lightweight and ensure a personal touch to your branding. Choose from various models like metal pens, ecofriendly models, stylus pens and a lot more.

Pens are available in various price rates that range from under a dollar to a few dollars. Branded pens allow ample surface for information and messaging. Choose from a wide range of models that will keep your brand going!


Nostalgic and low key, custom pencils can create a unique representation of your company. Choose from a wide range of colors and unusual shapes like bat that will grab the audience’s attention and generate brand impressions. The best part is that pencils will keep your message and information in front of the audience. You can easily choose a model that will fit your promotional needs.


Custom key chains can become an everyday reminder of your brand. Well received and highly retained ,keychains are available in various interesting models and shapes. Branded keyrings designed in accessory styles even becomes part of the wardrobe and personality of your recipients.

Check out these bottle opener keychains that double up as keychains and bottle openers alike. Gender neutral, versatile and universally popular, custom keychains will fit every promotional needs of yours.

Flash drives

At work, at home, or  on the move, USB drives come handy to carry, store and access data. Nearly any device nowadays can call for printed USB drives. Sleek and light weight, these high utility tech accessories are available in various models like leatherette and bamboo models. Get your logo and artwork imprinted on these custom giveaways to get your message right into the hands of your audience.

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