Tips To Choose The Best Branded Summer Merchandise

Summer is not far away and it is time for marketers to choose the best custom products to show appreciation to your loyal customers and employees. Summer outdoor favorites are seasonal traditions that are hard to beat; there can’t be a greater joy for your customers than receiving  gifts that are imprinted with your logo and message.

Whether you’re looking for custom umbrellas, hats and caps, folding chairs, wine sets or can coolers with a logo, we’ve got you covered.


Beach Mat

A perfect swag for summer, custom beach mats make a wonderful addition to the outdoor  holiday bag of your recipients. Made of water and sand resistant material and easy to clean, beach mats will double up as a high visibility billboard for your brand that will never be missed even on crowded beaches! Choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs to suit your promotional needs.

Custom Printed Beach Mats

Can coolers

Another promotional gift your customers can use at the beach with friends is can coolers. Nothing says beach holidays than well chilled drinks. These portable and colorful can coolers will fit over most cans, keeping the beverages well chilled to keep your recipients in perfect mood while boosting your brand. Beyond the beach, imprinted can coolers are handy while engaging in any other outdoor activities like family road trip, camping, or more

4 Inch Promotional Neoprene Kan Koolers

Cooler bags

Let your recipients stay refreshed with a chilled drink with branded cooler bags that will keep food and beverages chilled while on the go. It is a perfect handout for your travelling sales team as well to keep their drinks and lunch cool while creating maximum exposure for your company.

Custom Imprinted Original 6 Can Cooler Bags

Hats and caps

Add a pop of color and enhance the outdoor dressing style of your prospects with custom hats and caps. Choose from an eclectic range of caps that are trendy, classic  or something in between. Your brand imprint will literally stay on top of their minds and will get an exceptional display by standing out over the heads of your recipients! These well retained custom gifts often make a great talking topic in friend’s circles for some good reasons.

Custom Printed Price Buster Sandwich Caps

Folding Chairs

No outdoor event can be complete without custom folding chairs. These long-lasting and portable gifts will get used outdoor events for many years. Choose from a wide range of material choices and models to complement your branding theme.

 Folding Chairs with Carrying Bag

Make use of the strategic branding area on the chairs to put your message on a proud display every time your customers relax on the beach or catch up with a match at the sidelines. Strong and portable, the folding chairs collapse and fit in a carrying bag and a the boot of car, which makes it easy for the users to carry it wherever they go.

Need more? browse our collection of outdoor and sports products to choose the best in town!