Beach Themed Wedding Ideas for All 4 Seasons

Planning a fairy tale wedding by the beach? The  stunning blue waters will set a perfect backdrop to say your wedding vows. It is not just a classic choice for fair weather seasons like spring and summer but will make a fabulous wedding theme in early winter and fall as well. There are quite a few winter beach venues that will meet your needs in all 4 seasons.

Now that the valentine’s day is inching closer, it is indeed a perfect time for couples to think of their dream wedding. Here are some really inspiring tips that will make your wedding planning easier.

Choosing the location

First things first. Choose a sea side venue that is easily accessible for your family. Put the guests’ convenience at the forefront while searching for the right beach! It is recommended to  look out for beaches with essential amenities like hotels near by. Avoid crowded and touristy beaches if you are planning a weekend wedding. Find out whether you can reserve an area for the wedding on the public beach. A private beach will set a perfect choice as it has lesser regulations than public beaches.

Finalize the guest list

The next step is to finalize the guest list. Make sure to keep it relevant and well sorted all the while making sure that you do not miss out on any important names.

Consider the weather

Though beach weddings have become popular all round the year these days, consider the likely weather during the season. Spring season wedding will get the added advantage of longer days, pleasant sunshine and incredible natural spectacles. Whereas fall or winter weddings by the beach get the added advantage of low price offers and less crowded venues. Only your imagination is the limiting factor here! So, go all out in weighing your considerations to choose the best time for your beach wedding.

Time of the Day

What is the ideal time for any beach wedding? Though late afternoon weddings are one of the most popular during spring and summer, you can choose any time of your choice. For instance you can plan an evening wedding at a time near sunset. It will create a dramatic background for your wedding snapshots as well. You can even set up lanterns and candles as décor items and light sources especially if you feel that the ceremony may extend beyond the sun set hours. Make sure to check the tide timings because high tides can be noisy and turbulent.

If you are planning a beach wedding in autumn or early winter, set the time before noon so that you can wind up the event before its gets too cold in the evening.

Wedding favors

Consider seasonal staples that complement the weather as wedding favors. If you wish to stick to the classic wedding gift ideas choose items like sunglasses, tote bags, lip balm , scented candles and other similar custom giveaways . Customize it with your message and artwork to make it special.

Maritime themed décor

Think of interesting décor ideas that complement the beach and the ocean theme of your wedding. For instance a driftwood center piece or note in a  bottle will all go well with the theme. You can also keep miniature ships or lighthouses on the table.

Should you fancy a tropical theme, place colorful flowers, palm sheaths and candles around the table.  For a fun twist,  you can even create  sandcastles that go with your theme. All these décor items can be custom made if there is enough time you have.

Choose colors  that match the theme

The colors you choose should ideally match the theme. Use brilliant strokes of blue, pink, purple and cream in the décor theme, bouquets and table settings.

Dress to the theme

Unlike traditional church weddings, beach weddings are fun and casual. So, choose a dress code that complements this theme while meeting the seasonal dressing needs. Warm clothes and accessories like scarves will keep the wedding guests look good and feel great in winter.

For a spring season wedding on the beach, you can choose comfortable beach clothing, along  with accessories like sunglasses and hats. You can even provide a basket of  flip flops  in your theme colors for your wedding guests so that they don’t mess up their shoes with sand.

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