Three Awesome Custom Products To Help Your Customers Honor Their New Year’s Resolutions

Some people say that promises are made to be broken! At least that is true when it comes to New Year resolutions. Studies show that while 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, just 8% stick to their resolutions and fulfill their goals. By the middle of January itself most people run out of steam and lose interest to stick to their resolutions as they slip into the busy schedules of everyday life. For everyone this cyclic pattern seems to continue and that is why we thought of coming up with a blog for business owners that can help their customers stick to their New Year resolutions.


A random search will say that working out, staying organized and adopting a healthy dietary habit are the most common resolutions people make. As these are not easy to adhere to or follow up, most people break it in a few days. So, handing out appropriate promotional gifts will make a perfect way to make your customers take their resolutions seriously.

  • Regular Exercise: Most people often lose the verve and enthusiasm to keep up with the workout regimen due to lack of proper equipment. Hand out fitness items like custom resistance bands, pedometers, yoga mats and jump ropes, personalize these with your brand and message and everytime they see the quotes and motivational message on these they will be encouraged to do it. These will also make excellent employee gifts that will make them honor their New Year resolutions. You can even put up a display board to list out the achievements of your employees and how close are they to their fitness goals. With their progress tracked by the pedometers, they will surely be encouraged to go all out.

Custom Printed Exercise Mat

  • Staying organized: A messy work table with piles of papers and files can all kill the enthusiasm to work. Help your customers and employees to stick to their New Year resolution of staying well organized by handing out these custom portfolios and monthly planners that should get them well organized and on schedule. Don’t be surprised if you see how quickly they became well organized on their work once you hand out these highly practical and budget friendly items. You can also consider gift items like pen and pencil sets, pen holders, memo cubes or business card holders among others. Explore our collection of custom gifts and choose something that matches your budget.

Personalized Non Woven Small Padfolios

  • A healthy diet plan: Including more greens/ fruits and drinking plenty of water will all make your recipients more healthy and active. Hand out trendy personalized water bottles, fruit infusers or water bags that will help your customers to easily carry water and fruit drinks wherever they go. If your recipients have a trendy and handy custom bottles that will grab a few eyeballs in a crowd, they will surely be tempted to take these bottles wherever they go and to stay hydrated regularly. Another appropriate custom gift to consider is the imprinted nutrition guide which will give your customers an easy diet plan to follow to lead a healthy and active life style.

Custom Imprinted Better Books - Nutrition Guide for Everyday Foods

Need more? Browse our collection of personalized items. We bet, you will find everything you need to make your recipients honor their New Year resolutions this year. These products will surely be something that you always wanted and will keep your clients or employees stay motivated and strong! Go for it!