New Year Gifts to Complement the Popular New Year Resolutions of Your Recipients

Every New Year as people flip their calendars to welcome a brand New Year, the first thing they scribble down will be a list of resolutions that will make them healthy, happy, rich or wise!


Studies show that approximately one in three Americans make resolutions to make their lives better every year. However, only less than half of them actually succeed to sticking to their resolutions consistently.

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People find it hard to keep up their verve for long after they have swept off the New Year party confetti! For marketers who wish to reach out to customers can hand out some custom gifts that will encourage them to stick to their resolutions, some of which include the following

Lose weight and quit smoking
Losing weight and quitting smoking are the most popular New Year resolutions for most people in the US. So, items that will encourage your recipients to stick to their resolution will make a perfect New Year gift idea.

Custom pedometers: Budget friendly and practical, pedometers will help your recipients stay in perfect shape all round the year as they keep a tab on every step they make! Every time they better their own record, your logo will become their fitness secret!Custom Printed Audio Jogger Pedometer and FM Radio

Custom mints or gum will make a perfect gift idea for your recipients who strive to kick the butt. Every time they crave for a smoke, these delicious candy items will keep them get over the temptation with ease. The best part is that these double up as mouth fresheners as well to get over their smoky breath.

Staying connected
Do you think that the fast paced lifestyle has left you with little or no time to stay connected with your friends? Help your recipients stay in touch with their near and dear ones with these practical gift items from ProImprint. Studies show that reconnecting with friends and family or fostering relations have also ample health benefits.

Did you know that lack of social bonds can be as damaging to your health like alcohol abuse or smoking? Hand out these logo items that will help your recipients stay connected. Check out this attractive custom tablet case from ProImprint. Imprint your logo, quote or a reminder for your recipients to make that call to their family and friends even on a busy day and see how your logo gets the appreciation that it deserves in the process!

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Saving money
The slow economy and the rising cost of living have all made it impossible to save the penny for the proverbial rainy day for most people these days. Most people risk jacking up their credit card bills to maintain a comfortable life style. Help your recipients to lead a debt free life with these logo items like custom banks that will encourage them to save money.

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These are some of the many popular gift ideas from ProImprint that will go a long way in making their New Year resolutions come true! Shop today

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