The Saga Of Custom Wall Calendars – From The Analog World To The Technical Age

Calendar apps are everywhere, still most people  gaze up the good old wall calendar to check the day and date even today- in this robotic world! What makes these non-descript items incredibly popular even today? It continues to be a strong seller in the promotional marketing space much to the chagrin of its digital counterparts!


A survey by PPAI Media shows that 70 percent of recipients prefer getting promotional calendars as business gifts. Wow! But, why? When smart gadgets and apps sounded death knell to many old school gadgets and toys, wall calendars stood tall as an exception.

Though  apps can remind the users of the events, national holidays and scheduled meetings, still, wall calendars grace the walls of offices, or may be a desk calendar on every work desks and stick up calendars at the cubicle walls.

2020 Scenic Moments Large Desk Calendars

A glance at the wall feels easier than opening up an app. Colorful and neatly laid out, it is easy to glance over the dates and days, make plans or even scribble reminders at the bottom of the calendars or the white spaces over it. Some calendars even have an appointment space for all your notes.

Wall calendars are visually appealing
Wall calendars are a visual treat. Embellished with attractive images and inspiring phrases, wall calendars add a character to the rooms, dress up the bare walls and make a décor item to the plain and formal office rooms.  People often find it relaxing to watch the brilliant images of calendars when they area stressed out or bored!

2020 6 Sheet Desk Tent Calendars

By imprinting your logo, contact details and slogan on these calendars, you can ensure a friendly presence for your brand in your customer’s day. The best part- calendars do not have any nagging marketing pitch as well.

Calendars Make Their Day

A day that is well started will end well!  Calendars will enable your recipients to easily flip through the schedules and plan the day. The inspirational quotes on it and the soothing and beautiful images over it create loads of positive vibes and make it easy for your recipients to stay organized. The best part – they don’t have to charge up the gadgets to access calendars! Wall calendars are available 24 x 7!

2020 Barn Vinyl Adhesive Mini Stick Calendars

Countless models

Wall calendars are available in a wide range of models and colors. Choose from a wide range of themes like pets, nature, sports cars, patriotic themes and more to suit the theme of your promotional event.

How has been your experience of using custom calendars? Do share your experiences with us.