The Most Trending Custom Employee Giveaways to Watch Out For!

The basic objective of all custom promotional giveaways is to get your message across to your audience and keep them engaged with your brand on a long term basis. However, not all custom gifts may fit your promotional plan. Choosing the most trending and practical gifts is a sure fire way to impress your audience and to get your giveaways well retained.

Not making much headway in handpicking the most popular handouts doing the rounds? Get inspired with these custom giveaways that enjoy incredible popularity across all age groups and demographics.

Perfect Custom Employee Gift Cheat Sheet!

Budget Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas are a rage these days among everyone and not just the golfers. The large sized canopy will make it a smart choice for more than two people, which in turn makes it a popular choice for families and friends. The attractive color choices coupled with the smart branding possibilities will complete the profile of the popular handouts of umbrellas. Choose from a wide range of models including full color umbrellas that are designed to make heads turn.

Golf Umbrellas are not just functional accessories for weather-related emergencies but fashionable accessories that will add a pop of fun colors to the outdoor style of the users. Did we say that these magnificent umbrellas also double up as photo props that are wroth showing off in social media? So, you have a million odd reasons to invest in custom golf umbrellas as your promotional swag.

 58 Inch Arc Ultra Value Auto Open Folding Golf Umbrellas


Custom clocks are perfect for everyone to be punctual and to keep a tab on the time. Businesses with multiple locations can order clocks in bulk to let their employees and clients stay on top of the local time of any particular destination while promoting their brands in a subtle way. Choose from various shapes and models to choose your budget and the unique preferences of your audience.

Brindisi Clocks


No work desk can ever be complete without a few custom notepads imprinted with your brand and logo.  Your employees will find it useful to scribble, doodle or to note down random thoughts and creative ideas. Pair it with an imprinted pen to enhance the value and brand promotional scope alike. Stock up on these work desk essentials  for your upcoming business events.

Recycled Jotter and Pen with Black Trim


If you have a team that remains busy, meeting clients, making sales pitches or attending business events, custom padfolios are an absolute essential to have in supply. Choose from a wide range of models , colors and price rates to match your needs. Customize these with your brand, message and artwork to enhance your team’s professional appearance during trade shows and events where they represent your brand.

 Logo Wave Portfolios

Reach out to our friendly team for more gift ideas that will help you leave a statement without breaking your budget.