The Most Popular Promotional Products Under $1

The Most Popular Promotional Products Under $1-Though we have been updating on these quite frequently, the huge demand for these items in the holiday shopping season prompted us to come up with yet another blog on this.

0 5 Oz Custom Imprinted Hand Sanitizers

To put in a nutshell, brand building is all about making repeat impressions and to get your customers to see your logo regularly. The more they see a company logo, the more will be the brand recognition and sales leads. But if you have to tackle the challenge of a modest promotional budget to work with, you may feel that the products that you can afford are the ones that no one wants! But it need not be the true.

Here are some of the most effective promotional products all under $1, which you may find interesting.

Custom Koozies: Koozies are not something new but these items that date back to the 1980s are still one of the most popular promotional products even today. Wonder why? Koozies keep the beverages cold and fresh for a longer time and are easy to carry around. Imprint your logo or artwork and whenever your recipients take these around during concerts, picnics or on the move, your logo will be put on a wide display.

personalized camouflage stress balls

Logo pens: Everyone needs pens and that too in loads as many a time people fail to find one when they need one the most. One of the most portable and visible promotional gifts you can ask for, pens are practical, easy to distribute and budget friendly. Hand it out during tradeshows, events , mailer gifts, back to school items or gift box items for employees- no matter how you choose to hand these out, pens will never stop talking about your brand!

Stress balls: Juggling daily tasks with a busy job can be overwhelming for most people. Hand out these adorable toys of logo stress balls to your recipients to bring back their smiles. When they squash these soft toys and take out their anger on these, it releases their stress. Be it at the traffic lights, work desk or home, these stress balls will keep your adrenalin rush in check. So no more head bangs or screams for your recipients to even out the energy rush. We have a range of stress balls in all possible shapes, sizes and colors. Choose the one that suits your theme and you are all set for a successful brand promo.

Logo hand sanitizers: Fall is here so is the flu season! So, make sure that your patrons stay safe and beat the seasonal woes with this promotional gift. It makes a smart promotional idea for doctor offices, schools, day care centers or anyone who like to promote wellness and healthy lifestyle. Available in various handy designs like pouches, and tubes, these are easy to carry around and hence these logo items travel with your customers wherever they go.

Don’t let the budget woes get in the way of your logo promotional campaign as ProImprint has a range of cost effective gift items that can still work wonder to your logo exposure. Hurry!

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