The Best Type Of Promotional Products For Your Needs

Promotional products have been proven winners to promote brand, to get the target audience engaged with your message.

However, often marketers may find it an overwhelming task to choose the best giveaways from thousands of promotional handouts in all possible price rates.

Ensure the best value for your promotional dollars and above all inspire the  recipients to think and talk about your brand. Choosing the most appropriate promotional products will depend on what you are trying to promote.

Here is a rough guide to avoid the common pitfalls while choosing a custom gift.

Awareness campaigns
If you are planning an awareness campaign, choose high visibility products like t shirts, or sunglasses that will get your word out on a modest budget.

Metallic Colored Oahu Sunglasses

Universal awareness handouts like ribbon shaped magnets are a perfect choice thanks to its easily recognized shape. Order it in bulk and these logo magnets will cost you close to nothing. Add your awareness message and logo to get the message across and enhance the fan base and donor support.

Jumbo Size Pink Ribbon Magnetic Memo Clip Holder

Team bracelets are  pedigree awareness handouts for a number of social causes. Show your solidarity and support with these trendy accessories imprinted with your message. Choose a color that complement the social cause and you are all set to create a highly interactive audience that will be interested to be part of the cause.

Silicone Wristbands

But if you’re a realtor company announcing a new project then house shaped items like keychains or calendar magnets will make a great choice. Budget friendly and popular, these can be employed as open house handouts or mailer items to your existing clients and new prospects.

House Shaped Tape Measure Keychains

Milestone events
Milestone events are special and memorable in their own right. Businesses celebrating milestones can consider executive pens as handouts. Just think of the tremendous exposure your brand will get every time your recipients use these writing instruments at home or office. These high utility custom giveaways will keep your milestone memories alive for a long time even after the event.

Grenado Bettoni® Rollerball Pens

Store promotions

Store promotions are the best way to drive up foot traffic and create a fresh interest among the shoppers. Choose popular and practical handouts like custom mugs as promotional giveaways to your customers. Choose from a wide range of popular models including metal tumblers, plastic tumblers and ceramic tumblers among others. Complement your corporate colors and make it unique with interesting taglines and images to make it stand out.

12 Oz Cafe Au Lait Ceramic Mugs

Need more gift ideas? Browse our complete line of custom giveaways  to find a perfect choice that will go well with your promotional theme. Need assistance? Our friendly team is only a call away!