The Best Tips for Summer Pool Parties – Must Read

Nothing says summer fun like a pool party. Tons of fun and frolic pool parties are ideal for make lasting memories with friends and family. From  drawing out the guest list to choosing the party favors there are a lot of activities that go with pool parties to make it an instant hit. This quick guide will walk you through the best ways to organize a summer pool party, complete with tips on decor, food and beverages, games and activities and more. Get set for the ultimate pool party experience!

Choosing a date

First things first! Choose a date that is convenient for your team to ensure maximum participation. Send out the invitations in advance t let the participants plan for the big day

Think of a Pool party theme

A theme will set the tone of your pool party. It can be tropical luau, flamingo fiesta or even something better. The theme that you choose should complement   the party vibes. You can even invite  creative tips from the participants and announce prizes for the best theme.

Creating a Checklist for Supplies

Draw out a list of some of the pool party staples like sunscreen, towels, UV resistant sunglasses and more, which will ensure a smooth conduct of the party.

Choosing Color Schemes

A stroke of bold colors will surely add a youthful  party experience for sure. In addition, think of fun accessories like beach balls, twinkling string lights and more that scream summer fun.  It will also ensure a great photo op for the fun loving  revelers  

Light up the party zone

Set up fairy lights, lanterns, or even floating LED candles to light up the pool party after sunset. Also make sure to set up  lounge chairs or inflatable floats for everyone to relax and chill out

Snacks and refreshments

Besides, provide an eclectic list of beverages and snacks to satiate the hungry cells of the revelers . Some of the popular options to consider include fruity cocktails, mocktails, flavored waters . More the merrier. It is better to choose  easy-to-eat treats like fruit skewers, chips, salsa, and sliders, which are  delicious and easy to savor when when they are in pool

Slices of fresh fruits will help them beat the heat and stay hydrated and energetic. In addition, refreshing options like watermelon slices, cucumber salad, or popsicles are indeed great options.

Pool Games and Activities

After all, pool party is not about spending  the whole day in the pool. So, make it exciting by including water games that will get the adrenalin racing and their competitive spirits soaring. Pool noodle race is  popular among both kids and kids at heart.

Dance and Music

Dance and music  make everything better. So, set up a poolside dance floor, complement it with an exciting playlist to keep the party vibes going strong while getting those legs moving. In addition, choose summertime anthems and dance-worthy tunes that’ll get everyone in the perfect party mood. Pump up the volume and let good times roll in!

Safety tips

Make sure you’ve got life jackets and floaties so that pool safety is well assured. Even people who are not expert swimmers can be safe with these safety gadgets. Further, you can even designate a life guard to keep an eye on the pool party revelers. It will also help everyone to stay safe without compromising on the fun factor

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