The Best Promotional Swag For Wine Festivals

Holidays go hand in hand with the finest wine and beer festivals, It is time for everyone to relish the fine flavors and intoxicating aroma of craft beers made by expert hands. Virtually every vendor at a beer festival starts the day with freebies on their tables to drive a decent crowd and impress the attendees.

wine bottle

People love their beer swag . Whether it is coasters, bottle openers or wine stoppers, these get picked up before VIP hour is over. Here are some custom gifts that will help you build the brand in the ever-growing community of beer lovers.

Bottle openers

Most of us tend to take bottle openers for granted until the party hour when we don’t have one. Whether it’s a key chain opener from a local brewery, or an antique piece handed down the generations, bottle openers always get a high retention. And much like with beer, it is time to start paying more attention towards these ubiquitous openers as well!

Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Bottle Openers

For any beer lover, bottle openers are an essential tool to their passion. Offered in literally every shape you can take fancy for, bottle openers will keep your beer brand right on top of the minds of your audience. Bottle openers come in all shapes and sizes. These are a must for breweries that offer beer in bottles. Every time a logoed opener is used, your brand will be remembered.


Cost effective and handy, coasters are a must-have item. Ideal for home, office or even on the move, custom coasters ensure an unbeatable brand display for you. The best part- you can get coasters printed on even both sides for double exposure and your fest attendees can have a different look for their cocktail tables. Choose from a wide range of models. Ecofriendly models like bamboo or cork coasters will highlight your green credentials as well. Absorbant stone coasters is another hot choice.

Executive Coaster Set

Can Coolers

Beer lovers are passionate about can coolers. Vibrant colored  can coolers will set a perfect backdrop for your message as well. Choose a basic neoprene sleeve or step up to a can cooler with a built-in bottle opener.
Kan Tastic with Bottle Opener

 There are even  can coolers with pockets, zippered can coolers and a lot more that fit anything from a basic bottle to a small growler.
12 Oz Bottle Buddy Zippered Can Coolers


Add a fun pop to your event and inspire the attendees to show their brand pride. Logo stickers are cheap, popular and a big hit in festivals. People love to deck up their car and work desks and other high visibility places like fridge doors with these brightly colored  stickers.

Fun Sticker Rolls

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