Wheat Straw Products – One Step Closer To Nature

A world wide campaign against plastic straws was triggered by a heartbreaking video of a turtle in pain after a plastic straw got stuck in its nose went viral. The video filmed by marine biologist Christine Figgener in 2015 has taken the world by storm with millions pledging support to the campaign of eliminating plastic. Four years later, the video could build up a larger movement , which now includes companies like Starbucks and American Airlines that has pledged to eliminate plastic straws.


Indeed the time has come to give back to the earth by choosing eco friendly promotional products! Designed for customers who care for Earth, these products will not just make brand reminders for your business but an inspiration to make a difference!

Marketers that wish to show their clients or employees that their business leaves behind the least carbon imprints can opt for these green products; to make a lasting change in the way of living of people around.

Wheat straw products are trendy, eco Friendly, biodegradable, unbreakable and safe for all living beings. Made of reclaimed wheat stalks that are simply burnt away by the farmers, wheat straw products harness the power of nature in the best way possible.
Wheat products

The future generations will be thankful to you, for choosing these sustainable products, and being sensitive to the whole planet. It is the best way to say “Thank You” to Mother Nature.  Go green with these products and leave a lasting influence!

The growing awareness on the negative impact caused by human activities on the planet has given rise to many such ecofriendly products in market. These giveaways made with limited impact to Earth include various items like drinkware items, sunglasses, notepads and a lot more.

Get started with these just hatched products and be the first to join the bandwagon of responsible marketers.

Wheat Utensil Lunch Sets are made of reclaimed wheat stalks. BPA free, FDA compliant and Microwave safe. Choose from a range of popular colors and get these everyday items customized as Thanks giving and holiday gifts; great handouts during ecofriendly events like Earth day and awareness events.

Wheat Utensil Lunch Sets

Lunch hours double up as a leisure hours for most people – to catch up with friends over phone, watch podcasts and more. Check out Wheat Lunch Sets with Phone Holder featuring a wheat straw polypropylene design with very less plastic. These ecofriendly lunch sets have a durable lid with clips that can hold a variety of phone sizes for easy viewing. It also includes plastic fork, removable/adjustable divider and built-in steam vent.

Wheat Lunch Sets with Phone Holder

Let your recipients show off their green credentials by using these Buildable Wheat Straw Kits In Travel Case. Anyone can now carry their own set of reusable straws made from wheat stalks and be environment friendly. These straw kits include 9″ biodegradable wheat straw, 4 1/4″ cleaner brush that fits inside the straw for easy storage, protective travel case and carabiner attachment.  Your brand on these practical items will leave everyone go green with envy!

Buildable Wheat Straw Kits In Travel Case
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