The Best Giveaway Ideas for Oktoberfest 2022

Oktoberfest that traces  its roots to Munich, Germany  is now celebrated all over the world including the United States. Well known for the  folk costumes, revelry and kegs of beer and food, Oktoberfest is indeed the best time to see the niceties of life- literally!

In 2022, Oktoberfest starts from September 17th to October 3rd, during which people throng outdoors to soak up the pleasant weather and tons of fun that unveils. Oktober fest promotions are not just applicable to bars and restaurants , infact any business line can plan a themed promotional event to engage their audience and pique interest in their brand. Think of some innovative promotional ideas to drive up a buzz. Whether it is German music,  sausage entrees, extended happy hours or free custom gifts, you can consider countless  promotional methods.

Here are some Oktoberfest office party ideas that will surely allow your employees to get their fair share of fun . You can even plan a weekend party, to get your team together for an evening of fun, food and dance.

Oktoberfest Giveaways

Customized Oktoberfest giveaways will not just drive up a buzz around your stores and footfalls but will offer your customers special souvenirs to take home and remember the good times.

When it comes to Oktoberfest promotional items, nothing can beat the charm of beer themed giveaways as it will complement the festive theme. From beer steins to bottle openers and coasters, you can choose from a wide range of models.

Cocktail glasses

Customized Oktoberfest beer glasses make your patrons feel like they have been to Munich for the Oktoberfest events! Choose from a wide range of models , customize it with your message and  you are all set to impress your audience.

Bottle Openers

Likewise, no cocktail party can go long without bottle openers. Available in various material choices, bottle openers make budget friendly handouts, that will take your brand visibility to a new high. These logo items are not only ideal for bars and breweries, but also for craft beer shops and liquor outlets. These will keep your brand in the hands of your recipients literally!

Can coolers

Another popular gift choice in budget friendly Oktoberfest handouts include custom can coolers. It will keep the beer well chilled and tasty till the last drop; while keeping your message in plain sight of the audience. You can purchase in bulk to get the best price advantage. As these fit nicely around the cups to keep them insulated to keep even the last sip tastes as good as the first!

Stadium cups

Let’s be frank about it! Oktoberfest parties could be noisy and highly exciting or even unruly at times. So, you need unbreakable cups that will ensure the safety of everyone while keeping your brand  on display.


Coasters also offer a lot of interesting choices. From absorbent stone coasters to bamboo coasters and glass coasters, you  have a lot interesting models on offer. Apart from protecting the table surface clean, it will double up as a great decor item. Besides, coasters make a grand display board for your brand. These hugely popular items will indeed get a lot of appreciation from the recipients, considering the high utility that coasters have!

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