The Anatomy of Hats and A Handy Guide For Hat Lovers

Hats are available in various trendy models and popular colors. But for an average hat lover, what matters the most is probably the outward appearance of these accessories rather than the anatomy of hats. However, it will be interesting to know the basic features of a hat to make a well informed purchase decision.


Different Parts of a Hat

Visor or brim: The front piece that protrudes outward is the visor. Its main function is to block the sun from your eyes and is a common feature on base ball caps and other fashion models. The brim can either be structured as in  snapbacks, or unstructured as in vintage hats.

Crown: The top most part of the hat is the crown . Did you know that there are over 10 different crown types including round crown and cattleman style crown among others?

Sweatband:  It is a common feature seen in most caps and hats that are worn for fitness or sports including baseball caps.

Non-Woven Economy Caps

Inner Lining: The inner lining is the material that lines the inside of hats.

Button: The little piece on top of baseball caps that will hide the area where the six panels of cloth are sewn together.

Now that you have a fair idea of what all it takes to make a cap, here is a quick guide on tips to find the right hat for your face shape.

Round face : If you have a broad forehead, full cheeks, and rounded chin, fedora hats will make a great choice to even off the fullness of the face and bring in some angularity. Hats with tall crowns and irregular brim will bring in the much desired contrast to the symmetrical face shape. Wearing the hat slanted forward will create the right proportion.

Snazzy Fedora Hats

Long face : Elongated face with a rectangular profile are more longer than wide. Hats with shorter crowns will make a great choice. Wear flared or wider brim hats that sit at the center of the forehead or just above the eyebrows to add width and balance the face shape.

Oval face: In this face type, cheekbones are the widest part of the face and the jaw line is curved with no sharp angles. This face type goes well with many different hat styles including captain hats to newsboy caps that sit just above the eyebrows. Look for medium – to wide-brim models like floppy hats that are worn at the center of the forehead. Avoid hats with round crown and narrow brims.

 Fold And Go Outdoor Hats

Diamond face: The highlight of this face shape is a pair of high, wide cheekbones. Medium- to wide-brim toppers with a pinched crown or hats with side bands are perfect options to consider.

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