Summer Swag That Offer a lot More For Your Recipients

Summer is the best time for marketers to plan summer promotions and engage the outdoorsy clients with their message. It is a perfect occasion to announce new product launches, discounts  and fun contests among others. Fair weather promotions account for a major part of sales for most businesses and ensures a spike  in revenue after the winter lull.

Here are some popular summer promotional items that are here to stay forever


 Branded Sunglasses

Protect your customers while promoting your brand with custom sunglasses. Offered in dime a dozen models, sunglasses are accessories worn by most of us when out and about our daily lives especially during summer. Incredibly functional and fashionable alike, these promo gifts are well retained and used regularly. By putting your brand on these everyday items, you are rest assured of a high brand visibility and repeat brand impressions at one time investment.

Branded Sunglasses are fantastic for not just business events and trade shows but festivals, and fairs as well. Available in a fantastic range of colors, sunglasses are easy and exciting to customize! Choose from a wide range of trendy models like navigator sunglasses , UV resistant Malibu sunglasses or something fun like color changing sunglasses to meet your promotional needs.

Promotional Malibu Sunglasses

Add-ons like Sunglasses Pouch or clips that enhance the utility of the gifts will ensure extra brand exposure for your business.

Microfiber Pouch with Drawstring

Give your clients some shade with a Printed Beach umbrellas!

There’s nothing worse than hosting an outdoor event in the scorching sun. Printed umbrellas will ensure a shaded area for your attendees to chill out and relax during the event while doubling up as a prominent display board for your message. Choose from a wide range of sizes and shapes to match the needs and create a bespoke umbrella that will leave the attendees impressed!

Economy Beach Umbrella

Stay safe with logo Caps

Hats and caps are summer staples sans parallel. Offered in a wide range of models, colors and patterns, caps not just cover the head, face and eyes from the sun but enhance the outdoor profile of the users. It is a perfect accessory to enhance the dressing style and add a pop of color and vibrancy even to a low key dressing style. Choose from a range of branding methods including printing and embroidery to make it extra special.

 Stay cool with Hand Fans!

Let’s  be frank about it. Even in this digital world, everyone loves retro themed gifts like hand fans. Nothing says summer like these old fashioned giveaways that keep your clients cool this summer and enhance their style. Choose from a wide range of models including battery operated modern versions to suit the diverse preferences of your audience.

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