Thanksgiving Party Plan- Host A Turkey Bowl Party

Thanksgiving offers the triple advantage of family fun, feasts and parties. But how can you make the party something different than the same old stuff? It need not be all about gathering your friends and family, toast and thanks, eat till you burst or watch football till day break before you decide to gorge on the leftovers!


Your Thanksgiving Day need not oscillate between the table and the sofa, think something new and start a new trend with an exciting Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl tradition!

Get started with the turkey bowl invitations

No party can get started without those interesting invitations. Make it as personal as possible with the event details, venue and a turkey mascot too. You can even choose football shaped invitations or football ticket invitations that will go well with the footie theme! These are great not just for Thanksgiving, but for any football party or Saturday leagues.

Dress code
Ideally the dress code could be in football game theme. Whether your guests prefer to dress up as player or spectator, they will make an interesting spectacle.

Party decorations
The mascot of Thanksgiving festivities is undeniably Turkey. So, make a giant straw turkey for the front door and dress it up in one of your local team’s jersey and cap. A snazzy tagline or Thanksgiving message will round it off in style. Everybody will love it!

Once the guests reach, hand them out a football hat or a sportsman pom pom knit beanie for the chilly fall evenings. Your guests will look fabulous on the party photos for sure. You can even hand out some face paint for your guests who wish to don the team colors. They will simply love it. Now for a football themed photo op for some guffaws and great pictures!Customized Face Paint Twist Markers

Thanksgiving events can all take in the fall color theme easily. Make large leaves in brilliant shades of yellow, orange or red, imprint each with one of your guest names and hang them from the ceiling. It will make a great way to welcome your guests.

Turkey bowl menu and Table decorations
A football along with a fall tinsel wreath will make a perfect centerpiece. Keep a generous serving of foil wrapped chocolates. Table napkins in fall colors of orange and black and football shaped coasters will all make perfect table supplies. Centerpieces add up to the milieu of Thanksgiving festivities. The informal side table can have a football themed imprinted table cover over which you can spread whistles, hand clappers and maracas around for decoration. Your guests will need these later while watching the game. Hand out the megaphones for the spectators and let them cheer the team to victory Football whistles, finger foams and noise makers will all make fun additions to the list.Personalized Mega Hand Clappers

A football cake for dessert will make a great choice. To keep your guests warm after the game, you can serve hot chocolate or coffee in metal tumblers or thermos mugs, which will keep it piping hot. The players will be sweating during the game even if the weather is chilly. So, make sure to have plenty of water or energy drinks served in these easy to sip fitness bottles during the game. For the guests watching football on the tube, cold beer will make another drink choice. Serve it in style in personalized shot glasses imprinted with Thanksgiving quotes or messages. A football shaped piñata filled with candies or toys will be a great way to round off this family dinner event.

Turkey Bowl activities
Think about games and activities in football theme. Watching football, football quiz and talks or decorating football cookies will all make smart options to consider.


  • Schedule the football game before serving food as it will ensure ample daylight for the game and will help your guests to work up an appetite. After having a full meal, most people will be in a mood to snooze rather than a game of football!
  • Remember, this is a fun game as part of the family thanksgiving day. So, forget about all the rough moves and tackles and show off your love and friendship for each other through this great game of football.

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