Thanks Giving 2019 By The Numbers – Infographics

Thank giving that falls on November 28 has given us a shorter holiday shopping season this year- shortest since 2013! This year it will be 6 days shorter than the usual holiday season of 25-31 days from Thanksgiving through Christmas. However a shorter holiday span has not left any impact on the Thanksgiving shopping trends. The retail sales forecasts for 2019 indeed paint a lively picture.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the facts and figures of this Thanksgiving season.

Thanks giving

2019 will see the first trillion-dollar holiday season

  In 2019 Total US retail sales is expected to rise by 3.8% to $1.008 trillion, making it the first-ever trillion-dollar holiday season! It is something to cheer about for all the shoppers, retailers and holiday revelers.

Thanksgiving dinner will be cheaper

Thanksgiving is all about lavish spreads of turkey, potatoes and grilled delicacies. It is estimated that the average Thanksgiving dinner will cost $48.90, which is 22 cents cheaper than last year’s dinner cost. Well, that is food for thought for anyone having big dinner plans!

41% of Americans feel that they have more reasons to be thankful

 This year 41% Americans feel that they have more reasons to be thankful. Well, that says of a happy and society in general. You can find a reason to be thankful in even the simplest things. Let’s keep smiling!

It is a turkey feast!

88% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. About 46 million turkeys are cooked for Thanksgiving each year! That could be the reason behind the incredible popularity of turkey shaped gifts like stress relievers as thanksgiving souvenirs. Marketers can take a cue from this!

Printed Turkey Stress Relievers

Eight in 10 Americans like Thanksgiving leftovers more than the actual meal!

The Big fat Thanksgiving feasts will have atleast 10 dishes and Americans spend a lot of time and effort in coming up with the best fare for their guests. Though a big portion of the surplus food may get wasted, leftovers will get used for several days.

Stuffing items like mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, macaroni or cheese make some of the popular leftovers that are served as casserole for a few more days after Thanksgiving. Storage containers or over mitts will thus make useful custom gifts for marketers to reach out to their prospects during this season.

Insulated Lunch Box with Food Container

An Estimated 50 Million Pumpkin Pies Are Eaten On Thanksgiving

When you think up Thanksgiving desserts, pumpkin pie is probably the first one that comes to mind!  It became part of the menu after a long time after the traditional Thanksgiving meal that was eaten in 1621. It will be interesting to know how.  Pumpkin shaped cookie cutter or carving scoops  make interesting handouts to commemorate the significance of pumpkin pie if today’s feasts.

Pumpkin Cookie Cutter

Over 32 Million People Begin Black Friday Shopping On Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is not all about cooking a massive meal and serving it for family and friends. It doubles up as one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year. Most people start their Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving to avoid the maddening crowd and mayhem. So, marketers can deck up their stores in pumpkin colors and motifs and stock up appropriate custom gifts like custom BBQ sets, wine glasses and more.

13 Piece Grill Master BBQ Set

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