# Monday launch -Wheat Straw Kits In Travel Case

Remember the video of a distressed turtle with a plastic straw sticking through its nostrils? More than 6 million people have seen the disturbing 8-minute viral video of the sea turtle with a stream of blood draining from his nostril. The turtle has since then become the poster boy of the biggest anti-plastic straw campaign in the world!

StrawTaking a step further ahead, we have added wheat straw kits to our ecofriendly custom gifts. It will give your recipients  a nature friendly and reusable custom gift while the marketers  adopt a responsible and sustainable promotion. Our product launch segment features Wheat Straw Kits In Travel Case. See what it offers!

Buildable Wheat Straw Kits In Travel Case includes 9″ biodegradable wheat straw, protective travel case and carabiner attachment. The straw made of reclaimed wheat stalks left behind after harvesting can be unscrewed to fit inside travel case. It also includes 4 1/4″ cleaner brush that fits inside the straw for easy storage. Offered in multiple color choices, these Custom Eco-Friendly Promotional Products are great for restaurants, food fests, tradeshows.

Buildable Wheat Straw Kits In Travel Case

Your brand and message can be imprinted on the case to get all the eyes on your message. Inspire your audience to adopt ecofriendly life style changes to make this planet a beautiful place to live for future generations as well.

These reusable straws ensure a healthy way to draw in the favorite beverages for your recipients and will make an engaging topic of discussion in their social circles.

 HAY! Straws!

HAY Straws are compostable, they look good and won’t need to end up in a landfill. So, what is it that makes it different from plastic straws that we all use today? We think it’s pretty simple: Wheat is natural, while plastic is not. Wheat straws are made from reclaimed stalks of wheat that goes to waste after harvesting .It is a natural and renewable resource that comes straight from Mother Earth. Wheat straws are biodegradable in the compost and won’t leave any waste behind. That is a cleaner and beautiful nature!

Straws that biodegrade cause less harm to the environment and wildlife.

500 million plastic straws used and discarded every day in the U.S. alone. Just imagine the impact that it may have on all living beings. They pollute oceans, kill wild life, make humans sick and even damage the planet. Now it is do or die for us, to reduce the harmful plastics that end up in fragile ecosystems. Get started right away, do your part to make this world a better place.

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