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custom pet accessories

Custom Pet supplies- Make your brand promotion pet friendly Posted on January 23, 2019

Pets like dogs and cats make life time companions and friends to most people especially Americans. Statistics show that the total number of pet dogs in the US was around 83 million in 2014, which shows the immense popularity that these cute animals enjoy as pets. Businesses try to stay ahead in the competition by handing […]

Personalized 3.12x1.43 Van Shape Magnet

A Few Under $1 Giveaways That Will Never Fail To Work For Your Logo Posted on August 21, 2015

Everyone loves free deals! But you have not seen the best deals yet until you check out our irresistible range of $1 giveaways! You will find the prices of these adorable and popular promotional gifts better than even the local dollar store. We have lined up everything from mints to mugs, magnets and pens for you […]

Custom Printed Keep Warm Buddy Set

Promotional Scarves- Wrap Up Your Branding Promo In Style With These Elegant Gifts Posted on July 10, 2015

Custom scarves make a classic way to promote your brand. Keep your logo right in front of their eyes without forcing your business message down their throats with these woolen masterpieces! Scarves have always been iconic accessories that have been in use for many decades. A scarf can ensure an instant makeover to even simple […]

Personalized Paddleball

Paddle Balls – Loads Of Fun That Will Translate To Tons Of Brand Exposure Posted on July 3, 2015

Promotional items like paddle balls that bring in loads of fun with them are a rage in promotional gifts circuits. Fun or game themed items will display your logo and the lighter side of your business, which will instantly bring a smile on to your recipients’ faces. Who would not choose a fun toy like […]

promotional apple stress ball keychains

Stress ball keychains – One of the few promotional items that enjoy life long endorsement Posted on June 25, 2015

Often it is the simple things that help us beat the stress and bring smiles to our faces. Custom stressball keychains are indeed one of the most popular tension relievers that anyone could ask for. Hand these logo imprinted stressball keychains to your employees or clients and see them beaming with happiness. These are perfect […]

custom printed journey pills bandage cases

Promotional First aid products – the most popular option to promote health care business Posted on June 23, 2015

Custom first aid products make useful items for your recipients that will leave a positive impression in their minds. These logo products will bring together the double benefits of a budget friendly medium to carry your message and logo promotion with inherent appeal. Most people retain functional gifts that they can actually use in their […]

Promotional Round tin filled with Large Pretzels

How Custom Pretzels can make even a budget promotional campaign popular? Posted on June 22, 2015

The mere mention of this lip smacking doughy delight of pretzels is enough to draw a beeline of hardcore lovers of pretzels to your tradeshow booth. People love free gifts and if it happens to be something tasty as pretzels, it will surely be a double delight for them. The National Pretzel Day of April […]